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Seeing the Light

Remake of Eye've seen the light. I think I overdid it on the wood pattern. Opinions?

This is the first time I'm putting a signature on one of my works. How do you like the ligature?

Vector illustration, made in Adobe Illustrator.
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What an interesting (and unsettling) concept! Sometimes I do really wish I could just unscrew my eyeballs when they're giving me a headache, though!

I think the wood pattern is a tad too busy. Maybe if the colors were fainter it might work better? Or it might just need less detail, it's a little overwhelming compared to the simpler shapes of the bulbs.
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You're right, the wood pattern is a bit overpowering in this picture.
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it must be time for bed...... screw them back in in the morning
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That's my bedtime routine.
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They're always watching.
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Your right, the wood pattern is a bit to strong.
But I totally like the motive! This is a very strong image.
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The more I look at this the more the eyes start to creep me out.
Nice idea. =D
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'Eye' like this! Very original idea!
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Very nice! Did you create the wood texture or use a real wood for the grain? I also like your better light bulbs than "Eye've Seen The Light". 

I know now it's impolite to shill on someone else's page, but I'm curious about your opinion on my Crappy Idea image. It's lightbulb related.
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No textures were used, I drew some lines and used a feature on Illustrator to jumble them up.

Your photomanipulation is a good concept, but I dislike the way you edited it. Your lightbulb seems like it's hovering in the toilet bowl, not floating. It doesn't hit the water (maybe that's intended).  You probably can't do anything about this, but the lighting on the toilet bowl doesn't come from the light source in the picture. There's parts that do work in your picture too. Your lightbulb has a nice glow to it.
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Which feature? Roughen? A blend maybe?
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This would make a nice wallpaper if enlarged to 2K or 3K size.
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I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with putting my pictures up at wallpaper sizes.
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