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Cossandra Reference Sheet

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First off, I absolutely LOVE the colours you use and how simple your style is! However, I feel that the ponytail doesn't quite seem to follow the rules of gravity... and I feel like making the purple gradient on the hair a lighter shade would be more pleasing in my opinion. Also, maybe it'd be better to stuff the ponytail in the space helmet instead of leaving it out, it seems quite unnatural. Try a little shading on the hair. Overall, this piece is good, but dull and boring. It wouldn't catch my eye. What you can do is to add some accessories and/or add something that'd really represent the character to make the design pop a little! Maybe add a few patterns here and there on her clothes or boots too.
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Thank you. I do agree that I should have given more focus on details and accessoires. On the comment about the ponytail: There's no gravity in space. ;)
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felica-xiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah, you're right. Haha, but maybe on the version without the space helmet!