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Honor Harrington's Medal Case

Medal Case for Honor Harrington ca. 1904 PD (I think.)

No ribbon rack because the medals took long enough. :p

Medal concept design by Scott Bell. Honor Harrington portrait by Jenny Dolfen, AKA =Gold-Seven.

Done for Ad Astra Games. More information about these and other medals will be featured in their upcoming Saganami Island Tactical Simulator Shipbook 3.
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i love this, honor harrington is my favorite series character. i will miss reading more of her exploits. the last book was a pleasure to read. the only real heart break i have is with emily's death. it never occurred to me that her health was so bad. 
I will add my compliments on the artwork. 

Major off-topic: 
In "House of Steel," the picture of Honor's uniform as RMN Fleet Admiral has 7 command stars. I can find 5 documented hyper capable RMN commands, (Hawkwing, Fearless (CL-56), Fearless (CA-286), Nike, and Wayfarer), not counting Unconquered (in the first duel, Summervale decides that the three command stars on Honor's uniform will make a good aim point. The background chatter states that stars are awarded for successful completion of a hyper-capable command tour.) Is one of them for command of ENS Farnese? Has she given up command of Unconquered? But then she wouldn't be able to wear a white beret.  
Love the case, but you should do one that has all her medals as of 1922PD (the most current book).
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Some discussion on the medals here [link] and thus errors. Art also appeared here:[link] posted by David Weber.
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This selection of medals is from before Honor earned the Star of Grayson, so there isn't an error, just an omission of chronology. :) It's from that time period because I made this art for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator Ship Book 3, and we were writing most of our in-universe material to be current around 1904 PD, before the events of Honor of the Queen.

I'm a member of BuNine and a major contributor to the art in "House of Steel." Unfortunately, these medals won't appear as illustrations in it, but ribbons based on them will.
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Shared your answer on Baen's Bar, you have to be logged on to the bar to follow the link, [link] :) Also over on David Weber's web site [link] .

When I combined two Deviant's fan art to make [link] for David Weber's site I got criticism for uniform color and had to change to [link] . When I wrote David Mattingly that he had the wrong number of fingers (4) rather than three he wrote back I was the first to comment on his 'cats, but the least error on the uniform gets several. So now I know how criticism feels too ;)
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One of these days tomas your going to have to do the plaque you realise with the burn mark from nimitz's near miss in OBS ;) like always great work even if i'm still playing catch up a year later.
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She's going to need a bigger case.
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how did you make this?
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Thanks for the question!

I used Adobe Illustrator, a piece of vector illustration software, to make the shapes of the medals and the metal engravings in separate layers. Then I took those files and brought them in to Adobe Photoshop to add all the bevel and surface effects. I also made the medal case itself in Photoshop.
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How many Monarch's Thanks does this make for you, Honor? Six? :giggle:
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Heh! Honor needs a separate case just for those.
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That's why she took a commission in the GSN - she needed a whole 'nother uniform to fit all her medals!
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Very nice, as always. And also, SITS Ship Book 3! Glee! And this probably means a new Jayne's guide is soon to follow! More glee!
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Well, kinda. Jaynes 3 covers the wild and wonderful world of Silesia (who knew you could buy your own destroyer for only 10% down!) 4 IIRC is supposed to cover Grayson/Masada... but don't hold me to that.
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I'd heard that same thing from the guys at Ad Astra a couple of times, actually. Which makes sense - with Ship Book 2 covering the Sillies and the Andies, either of those would logically be candidates for a Jayne's guide sooner rather than later.
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And frankly, the Sillies are a perfect place to run a few RPG sessions....
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Don't know when the Saganami Simulator is meant to be set, but you're missing the Star of Greyson.
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This selection is before Honor of the Queen, so she doesn't have it yet.
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Ah, that really brings it home. This is before book TWO, and yet already that veritable ironmongery of medals - in peacetime, no less!

By now, it would take a small planet to showcase her rewards - literally, Harrington steading needs to be put on there...
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Ah. Okay. Didn't know.
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