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This drawing fails across multiple dimensions (which is why it's in Scraps, obviously), but I guess it does serve to commuicate the basic idea, which is an alternate gomphotherian proboscidean in which the jaws have developed a baleen-like filter-feeding apparatus. My original mental image was quite different, being a long-bodied Moeritherium-like animal with shorter legs and a flamingo-like head. I'll try to pin it down more successfully at some point.
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I wonder what it uses the baleens for on dry land... =P
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They spend most of their time in the water, like hippos, so feeding is similar to what you'd see in a flamingo. But hah, that's a good question...Maybe oxpeckers pick their baleen for them while they're lounging on the riverbanks? ;D
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that's awesome! I like the idea! =P
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I want one for a pet. Science, get on this!
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Hah! I could totally go for that, if they do a "toy poodle" version. :)

Thanks for the fave!
the legs are to carry it from one plankton-rich lake to another, right? that's my guess.

and how is something *this* detail-rich and well-thought-out a failure?

well, I like it.
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Awesome limbs and head shape, Tom! Like whale said, I like the long-bodied Moerimingo idea even better.
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Thank you sir! That's two votes for the Moerimingo, so now that I have a decent name for it I guess I should get to work. :)
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You might consider doing a play on the Flamingo's scientific name, which is...*looks it up*...Phoenicopterus.
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You draw such cute things chap! Makes me think of weird remora dung beetles.... Imagine huge balls of krill-filled dung heaps on the savanana. Makes me picture a bizare savanna with low flying krill swarms like locusts that these fellows follow. Barnacles on the whalephant would be like those oxpeckers and tick birds, or maybe those would be better fitted to be the remora, whatever, its a weird idea anyway.
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Those are some really cool ideas, none of which ever would have occurred to me on my own...Thanks for the great feedback!
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This is what I do! You is welcome chap!
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Damn cool idea T. All the luck with it!
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ooh, i like it!! I like the alternate description you provided even more. really charming wrinkles on te legs :D
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Hah, thanks! She has aged gracefully, I guess. =P
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This is so cool, I really like it's appearance :D
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Thanks very much! :)
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I think if the head were scaled down it'd be a rather believable animal.
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It definately looks more than a little unlikely although I think the idea behind it is a pretty good one. That said I really like it, even more so if it's between 1.5 and 2 metres at the shoulder as I imagine it.
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I pictured it a little bigger than that, but cuddles back to you anyway. :)
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Would it feed on tiny crustaceans like Flamingos? It could be pink! X3
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Hah, pink elephants--comedic hallucination of choice for cartoon drunks since 1938! =P

That's a really good question, actually...In terms of its diet, I guess I pictured it consuming an "omnivorous" mix of algae and freshwater plankton--just the standard soup of rich organic muck you find in fairly stagnant freshwater environments. But if it *were* consuming significant quanties of those carotene dyes, would its skin actually turn pink?? With flamingos it's their integument, their feathers, that express the dye...I'm not sure that would happen with bare skin. It's something to look into!
Doodlebotbop's avatar
Maybe they have places on their skin where the carotene is concentrated so it's more red? Like for display?
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