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Infected Mushrooms

Yet more biolithic alt-Egyptech. I was thinking of these less as sentry drones and more as something serving a ritualistic purpose; floating (and autonomously defensive) canopic jars, perhaps. Autonomous sarcophagi or stasis chambers, maybe.

The first iteration (top-left) coincidentally converged on a Space Harrier enemy without me even trying, for once:

Don't Blink or You'll Miss 'Em

It was a combination of two models squashed together and deformed, and that's just the way it ended up.
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Wow, I've been away from Deviantart for too long. I've been missing all your cool biomechanical creations.

Maybe these canopic jars contain the preserved brains of psychic ancient priests whose collective psionic powers actually create the afterlife for the souls of others. A sort of psychic Matrix.

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HOLY COW, I LOVE that idea! Synthetic noosphere ensuring eternal bliss for the blessed (as long as the server nodes remain intact)!

And thanks man, missed you too!

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I like the way those hieroglyphic arms center on the eye.

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That was one of those happy accidents I kinda leaned into!

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Am I the only one imagining the ring of slit-pupiled 'eyes' around their equators are actually orifices like bivalvia mouths? Either they contain extensible tentacles in their retracted state, or they're plug-and-play sockets for interchangeable limbs.

Also, any deliberate inspiration from the biomachine bodies* worn by the more traditionalist Alchemists in the orion's arm worldbuilding project?

* ...a 2-metre, amorphous onion shape, bristling with sensors and feelers and moving around using either stumpy, sucker-dotted tentacles or a snail-like pseudopod...

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I was NOT inspired by the "Alchemists," but I love that description you excerpted! Huh, interesting...Would you say Orion's Arm is worth delving into, generally speaking?

You know, it's difficult for me to see the eyes as anything other than, well, eyes, because that's such an embedded motif for me--again with the seminal early influence of old video games like Space Harrier and the Gradius series, and some of my favorite iconic monsters like the Beholder or that grotesque floating eyeblob from Big Trouble in Little China. I'm going to tip my hand here though and reveal that I DID have a more bivalvian variant in mind, playing on the beautiful blue eyes of scallops:

That Floris Kaayk think is pretty cool too! Reminds me a little bit of Patricia Piccinini.

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Absolutely, if nothing else, there're a surprising number of Archailects (post-singularity superbeing 'gods') who basically share your sense of aesthetics, only with biotechnology as their artistic medium rather than drawing and 3d modeling.

The Alchemists are a cult of biohackers. The 'orthodox' form I described was one designed for maximum practicality while living aboard a generation ship populated by nothing but Alchemists, after reestablishing contact with the rest of posthuman civilization, a lot of them switched back to vaguely more humanoid bodies.

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They're sarcophagi that additionally house the preserved mind of the pharaoh they contain, allowing past pharaohs to advise the current pharaoh.

Some of them are small and hold cats. The cats are also advisors.

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Maybe these were the "original" canopic jars--life-support caskets maintaining the vital organs and brain in an armored cyborg shell. Those of later eras were only superstitious imitations.


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