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Half Shells

Moar monocular sentry orbs at varying degrees of sphericality and turtlosity. The two at right still potentially fall into the category of Egyptech litho/cyborganicism, given their Tut-derived surface shaders; the two at left are wholly organic and could be either alt-Egyptian or Bioaztech, among many other possibilities.

Note the laser scarring on the "eyes."
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These look like creatures from a 90s adventure game like The Journeyman Project or Obsidian (a game I've only ever seen through Youtube Let's Plays, but which I would very, very much love to play). I could see them providing hints if the player gets stuck, or maybe even just being background creatures to add to the weirdness of the setting.

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Wow! Those two left ones are incredibly realistic!!!!!

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The surface shader on those comes from a macro snapshot of a turtle at Steigerwald, so there was a pretty good density of detail in the source image and none of the pixellation or moire patterns I get in the low-res scans from photo reproductions in books etc.

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always wondered what shuma-gorath looked like as an infant..