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Abstract Pterobats

Abstracted "wood" sculptures representing various supposed panspermic hybrid ptero/bat species--don't fall for it bro, the extrasolar "natives" crank these out en masse for gullible tourists.

[Having said that, TOP faces right, BOTTOM faces left]
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Interesting. Reminds me of Abstract Expressionist sculptures and Babylon 5 C.G.I.

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Thanks man, I think that assessment comes pretty close to what I was aiming for here. The B5 aspect might be kinda incidental--this is an old modelling program, so it has some of the hallmarks of the CG of that era.

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these are so abstract that they dont look like anything on this planet at all,much less a pterosaur-bat hybrid.

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I drew you a picture.

Pterobat Studies
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okay I can see it more now.