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My Bio
Current Residence: Washington State
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Macroscopic
Favourite genre of music: Thrash/Metal, Synthwave
Favourite photographer: Piotr Naskrecki, Art Wolfe, Andrew Zuckerman, Poul Beckmann, David Doubilet, Igor Siwanowicz, Melvyn Yeo
Shell of choice: Chitinous
Wallpaper of choice: Peeling
Skin of choice: Epidermous

Favourite Visual Artist
Wayne Barlowe, Masamune Shirow
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
HallowsEveSlayerAnthraxExodusMetalChurchMaiden IcedEarthBlindGuardianGammaRayScannerFirewind
Favourite Writers
H.P. Lovecraft, Octavia Butler, Paul Di Filippo, James Patrick Kelly, Robert Charles Wilson
Other Interests
Art, science, nature, metaphysics

Losfer Words

Losfer Words

Here's a question for my artist friends who read comics and especially for cartoonists and other comics creators. I've noticed an interesting trend in comics recently that I've tried to illustrate here with these two [VERY ROUGH] faux comics pages depicting the same generic scene--a man and woman arguing in a hallway. The setting and nature of their argument is irrelevant; I just wanted to illustrate an otherwise static scene in which the "action" consists of dialogue and body language (posture, gestures, etc.) rather than any overt, dramatic motion. In the first take I tried to depict such a scene the way I've always been told one "should"

To what would you attribute the antisocial behavior of ...

  |  37 votes
  • It was simply following the nature of its people, a cruel and cold-blooded parasitic race lacking any compassion for other sapient beings
  • It was an aberrant individual, a sadistic sociopath taking advantage of its invulnerability to satisfy its own selfish hedonistic cravings

Favored origin of the "xenomorphs" as suggested in vari...

  |  100 votes
  • A pyramidal fertility temple belonging to an extinct civilization of savage, Iron-Age-level sapients with a complex ritualistic reproductive cycle (the Aliens)
  • A subterranean creche or repository of dormant eggs belonging to an extinct Biomechanoid civilization native to LV-426
  • A space-faring parasite of unknown origin that infested the Space Jockey ship and destroyed its crew prior to the Derelict's grounding on LV-426
  • The Derelict is a "bomber" used in an ancient war by the biomechanoid Space Jockeys, and the Alien eggs are the "bombs"

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BigBlueJakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Might be time for more of those interesting masks and environment suits you whip up from time to time...
thomastapirStudent General Artist
Hell, right now I'd be in it just for the psychotropic war drugs!  D :
Xook by thomastapir
Hi Tom! Found a creature gallery i think will be up your alley, and had to share:…

How 'bout that catamaran puffin, eh ?! 
thomastapirStudent General Artist
Oh wow, it's perfect!  And that flying ocelot, and Cthulhu spawn, and the kangaroo-rat pangolin....!  :faint:
Thanks so much, this is exactly the infusion of craziness I needed right now.

How the hell have you been, Rob?  How's this apocalypse working out for you?  : p
:laughing: Honestly, apocalypse is not too bad so far. Baring any imminent economic collapse. Since i work from home anyway, not a huge lifestyle change, except that Adriane and the kids are home too now. So, 2 jobs and home schooling and maximum device deployment. Being an introvert anyway is a big help. More worried about my folks, since they're higher risk. But they've been keeping safe. 

How 'bout you? Losing your mind or hanging in there? 
thomastapirStudent General Artist
OH man, kinda both...?  My sister is at the epicenter of the initial Seattle outbreak and works in an organ and tissue donation center, so she sent my niece down here to stay with us for the duration.  Kudos to you for homeschooling the kids--I should be doing more educational stuff with Emily.  I think she's practically got a degree in virtual restaurant management from Roblox University at this point, though.  : p

Saw some sad news this morning that made me think of you, btw--remember Pok Pok, that place on Division where you got the weird chicken and declined to eat salted boar collar?  They finally closed down the other day after their chef died of covid.  : (…