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You're Not Wrong | Tony Stark x Reader |
You leaned against the wall, looking through the glass and inside the high-tech lab. You moved your fingers through your hair and you sighed, your free hand coming to rest on your hip.
He'd been in there for days. Working, drinking, and occasionally sleeping.
He was hurting for so many reasons, and he shouldn't have been. He blamed himself for so much, carried all the weight on his shoulders for no reason whatsoever.
It was destructive and heartbreaking.
You'd been married to Tony Stark for the better of fifteen years, and you'd been together through many ups and downs.
Key word: together.
But this was easily the worst thing he'd ever gone through. And he refused to let you in.
He'd disabled your lab code for the first time ever. Out of all the fights you'd had, there'd been times that one of you left whatever house you were currently staying in, or one of you slept in another room or went out to a bar, and one time Tony even flew all the way out to New York from California.
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 225 26
In the Rain Steve Rogers x Reader
"Just get yourself a man already" Tony slurred taking another sip of his fifth drink.
"You're drunk Stark, go to bed it's one in the morning" You said throwing a pillow at him.
"No I wanna know why you don't have a boyfriend" He said tossing the pillow back at you.
You rolled your eyes. Tony had started to bug you about not dating anyone and it was always worse when he was drunk. Which was right now. "Tony, I don't need one. We went through this. Besides being an Avenger and dating don't exactly go hand in hand"
"Do you even like anyone?" He said taking the last sip of his drink and frowning.
"As a matter of fact I do, but that's none of your business. Now go to bed Stark" You said watching him refill his glass for the sixth time.
"Do I know him?" Tony asked taking a sip of his now full glass.
"No" You said lying trying to avoid eye contact. "Now go to bed"
"How come I have to go to sleep? What are you still doing up?" He said laying back down on the couch across from you.
"I'm waiting
:iconcaptainpeggy40:CaptainPeggy40 321 41
Nightmares (Tony Stark X Reader)
The cool breeze swept through the room like a sweet melody in your ears. The large window cracked ever so slightly, the moon, full and high in the sky. Stars illuminated the dark, giving it a fairy-tale like glow.
It was beautiful, but you were more concerned as to why you had woken up. Was it too cold, was it too hot, was Tony hogging the blankets again?
It clicked.
The well defined arm was missing from your waist. The usual soft snoring was replaced with whimpers.
Yawning, you turned your head, leaving an indent in the pillow.
The lush sheet was tangled around your boyfriend's body. His Arc reactor making a soothing nightlight. He thrashed, grasping at air in his dream-state.
He began to breathe heavily, as if he was sucking in oxygen from being under water. You grasped his arm, ready to shake him from the nightmare, but a metal hand grabbed your shoulder roughly, pinning you back to the bed.
You screamed at the emotionless face. It held a threatening stance, the repulsor was glowing
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 804 158
Steve Rogers - Painting by Lasse17 Steve Rogers - Painting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 1,422 272 Tony Stark - Digi-paint by Lasse17 Tony Stark - Digi-paint :iconlasse17:Lasse17 1,139 94
The Avengers|Seven Minutes in Heaven|Steve Rogers
“Sooo....who’s going to be the lucky woman who goes first, huh?” Tony called, edging his way towards you and Natasha, “Don’t all rush at once, there’s plenty of me to go around,” Both you and Nat glanced at each other, rolling your eyes simultaneously. Of course Tony would believe that he was the one you both wanted, it was so typical of him, after all, he was a self-proclaimed billionaire and playboy. However, there was only one man whom you wanted to go into that closet with, and that man was Steve. Only, even if you did manage to pick him, you doubted he would do anything.
After about a minute of complete silence from both you and Nat, who seemed almost as equally reluctant as you to go first, you finally cracked.
“I’ll go,” You groaned, just wanting to get it over with, and also wanting Tony to stop moon walking in front of you and Nat, wafting the bag in your faces each time he passed. Almost immediately he shoved the bag
:iconvanilladaisies:VanillaDaisies 119 16
Tony Stark x Reader: Chocolate Brownies
Attempt Number One:
“You know what would be really nice?”
“If you made me those awesome brownies of yours.”
“It was worth a shot.”

Attempt Number Two:
“I’ll do whatever you want if you make me some of those brownies.”
“Will you stop asking for them afterwards?”
“...Judging from previous experience...Nope.”
“Then no.”
“Damn it.”

Attempt Number Three:
“Tony, what’s wrong?!”
“M-My chest...the arc reactor in my chest...It’s intoxicating me again...”
“What?! B-But I thought that you had taken care of that!”
“It’s worse than the palladium...My sensors didn’t pick it up until I—Augh!”
“I...I know that there’s one cure...”
“Really? What is it? I’ll do anything to help!”
“I need...
:iconpinoydkiba:PinoydKiba 394 83
Mr.Stark Dr.Banner by Hallpen Mr.Stark Dr.Banner :iconhallpen:Hallpen 978 28 Falling by Hallpen Falling :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,271 77 Hope it has a happy ending by Hallpen Hope it has a happy ending :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,533 83 Go to sleep..! by Hallpen Go to sleep..! :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,706 50
When I Was Your Man | Tony Stark x Reader |
Tony tossed and turned in the bed, hating the feel of it. It was the same bed, but it didn't feel right. It felt… Strange. Foreign. Bigger.
Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.
He groaned and threw the blanket off of his body and went down to the lab. No point of being in that damn bed if he couldn't sleep.
He wiped his tired eyes and settled at one of the many computers, waking it up and going to Pandora Internet Radio for music. And, as his luck had it, there was a commercial as soon as he turned on the damn thing.
He sighed and went to his bench to pull up the work he'd saved about an hour and a half ago. And just as he stretched out his arms and let out a yawn, he heard the song that began to play.
Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same.
It hurt him.
"Turn it off. Black Sabbath, now." Tony demanded of his AI.
Jarvis complied and Tony ran his hands through his dark hair. He moved to the bar and immediately put some ice into
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 89 16
Light (Bruce Banner x Reader One-shot)
Bruce looked at her with astonishment in his eyes. He couldn’t believe that the girl that was sitting next to him….was his. He never thought that there would be someone after Betty. He just couldn’t bring himself to love another person. Yet he had.
He loved her.
(F/N) (L//N)
He knew from the moment that he saw her that he would be in trouble. His heart ached and sighed whenever she left or whenever she got too close to him. He was scared of losing her but he was terrified of the idea of him, or The Other Guy, being the reason why she was gone. The last thing he wanted was to hurt her.
So as he looked down at her from their spot on the grass, he couldn’t help but stare at her with such wonder. She looked up at the sky contently trying to figure out what shape the clouds were. The radiant blue sky reflected off her glowing (e/c) eyes.
     He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when her eyes glanced over to hi
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 163 19
Bruce Banner x Reader: Chocolate Milk
You were officially the assistant of the greatest gamma radiation specialist in the world, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. Well…if by ‘officially’ you meant ‘sort of but not really’. You did everything and anything that Bruce asked you for, along with a little bit more. You would organize his papers as a surprise for when he would come back to the lab. You would clean up the mess that stained his workbenches. And, at times, you would find him late at night, sleeping on top of a pile of notes and reports. Whenever you saw him like that, you would bring him a pillow and gently place it underneath his head. If it was cold, you would put a blanket around him. And…every now and then…you would sheepishly kiss him on his cheek.
Yes, you had fallen for the doctor. His paranoid charm and his rare, calm and sarcastic smiles would always bring an embarrassing pink on your face. His sweet yet tired hazelnut-brown eyes were always focused on his work, glowing f
:iconpinoydkiba:PinoydKiba 520 86
Library (Bruce Banner X Reader)
You walked around the library, your friend Bruce trailing timidly after you. The public library in New York was huge, and you knew Bruce was worried about being in such a large place when the Other Guy could come out at any time. You had told him he could wait in the car, you just needed to pick up a book, but Bruce insisted on coming anyway. He was, after all, still Bruce, and he couldn’t resist going to a library.
You peered around, looking for the help counter, and finally spotted it. You hurried towards it, in your haste to get Bruce out of there, you had left Bruce, who was peering at a new display of science journals, behind.
“__y/n__?” Bruce asked anxiously after he had snapped out of his book induced daze. He glanced around hopefully, but he couldn’t see you anywhere. Bruce cautiously stepped away from the display, scanning the aisles of books for you.
“Hi there.” A very pretty blonde woman said suddenly, waggli
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 630 94
Dear Enterprise Kirk x Reader
Entry 1
Dear Diary,
It's been another day on the ship and, quite thankfully, it was uneventful. No looming death hanging over the Captain's head. No one trying to kill us. It was peaceful, for once. And it seems everyone else has picked up on it, too. They're laughing and just having a good time. Truly, times like these are refreshing.
Even Scotty and I had gotten into the swing of it. We actually relaxed. The ship didn't try to sputter out on us. I haven't seen Scotty smile like this in ages.
But of course, our fun came to a halt when Kirk came down and surprised us. Well, the fun stopped for me, really. Scotty on the other hand...
'Captain Perfect Hair', as my dear friend likes to call him now for some odd reason, showed me an entirely new side. A side I had never witnessed first-hand before. Captain James T. Kirk wasn't really the captain anymore. He was a friend, company, someone else to make fun of and laugh at.
I had heard many things of the infamous Jim Kirk, but n
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 29 0


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