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Weightless Corridor

An illustration from an article on Cold Sleep in a Traveller magazine. Shown is a member of a salvage crew, realizing that one of the Low Passage Berths still has emergency life support.
Ink on bristol board.
Thanks for taking a look!
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"Damn, there goes my salvage rights!"
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Thought it was a Traveller pick even before I read the comment, think it was the helmet shape that caught my eye
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Yep, the helmet is a sure giveaway.
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This is quite well done. this is some well made traditional art. I am not that familiar with Traveller but sounds intriging looking at material like this
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Thanks! If you'd like to see more art from the game, take a look at #TheTravellerGroup.
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Will certainly take a look
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"Bio Readouts are all in the green, looks like she alive!" ~Aliens

Quite like this classic cross-hatch line drawing, never having known the Traveler series, what I've seen reminds me of other similar classic sci-fi styling seen in TTA books. That logo in the lower right your personal touch?
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Yeah, I was probably influenced by the TTA books, too, and this particular style of using the hatch to follow the volume lines was one of the methods I was taught in art school. Yeah, the very stylized "TP" was my old signature. (Tom Peters)
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Mmm, I'd tried my hand at that during my art classes as well, a challenge to not let darker areas to not turn into undefined blobs of ink using hand dripped ink quill or rapidograph...good ol' analog illy era, wish I still had that work. I like that sig, has an almost kanji feel to it...
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