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Two Martian Missile Frigates launch through a massive dust storm. Textures by Arcas-art.
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BobBobson38's avatar
The design of the ship and the storm reminds me of a level from Homeworld, Thank you.
Jburns272's avatar
Impressive work!
I like the lighting effects.
garryts's avatar
Cool - very dynamic image... The strong colours remind me of Chris Foss's work :-)  Great job!
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Thank you! Exactly what I was striving for.
AbaKon's avatar
Ah....perfect. I need a new desktop for the computer....
Thomas-Peters's avatar
This might get a little too colorful for daily use--but be my guest!
LordTigeron's avatar


So Arcas-art is now invading Mars ;-)

Thomas-Peters's avatar
I think he wants Mars because its warmer than where he's living now!
RobCaswell's avatar
Actually, no... it's not.
So I might move there. I LIKE Winter!
Allyatharii's avatar
Looking pretty intense! D:
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yeah, I was feeling pretty high-energy that day! :D
unusualsuspex's avatar
Quite a Foss feel to this! Like it :)
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yeah, I do love Foss' palettes!
1Wyrmshadow1's avatar
would you happen to have that Martian roundel somewhere handy?
Thomas-Peters's avatar
I do, but its kinda small. You might want to ask Arcas, he probably still has the original file he did of it.
RobCaswell's avatar
I'm not too sure that I saved a larger version...
DrOfDemonology's avatar
VERY cool. I always love sci-fi stories involving Mars :D
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Thank you, Doctor! Its a good combination, as I seem to be obsessed with Mars, lately!
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