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Through Alien Skies

This is a kind of a digital "mood test" work in progress for a more complex final scene. The ship's paint color is based on the "anti- nuclear flash" flat white that most of the British bombers were painted with in the '60s.

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 10, with post work in Photoshop. Thanks for having a look!
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The whole piece says 'On To The Next Adventure!' Awesome job![Emoticon] Spooked Dachie. 
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New look of an old favorite. Thanks for sharing it!
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Love it  I really like how the design is possible in the future
Looks kinda like a continuation of the Dryden Lifting Body program and low hypersonic research.
Guessing this old bird is powered by SLAM-Pluto project Tori class nuclear ramjets?
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White was a great idea. Look at those scoops!
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Excellent work, I love the design of the ship and lighting in image
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It looks a little like the ship from the original "Planet of the apes".
"Icarus", was named by the fans. I love that starship.
That is sleek looking :)
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This looks like the early clone wars era Jedi starfighters.…
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This one was designed circa 1978, so I think the Jedi starfighters look (vaguely) like the Class S Scout. The Class S is actually much larger than the fighter, having 3 decks and accommodations for six.…
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Haha yes, sorry it's just that with that color scheme they resemble each other.
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Saturnian or Jovian Helium-3 mining, perhaps? :D

Also, the color of the material brings Starlite to mind. Intentional? If you're going to be doing Jovian, or even Saturnian, entries, then Starlite would be an excellent sci-fi material for the job. Such a pity what happened with it. I blame the inventor, though. I think he even got offered a 10% cut once, and still turned it down. We all payed for his greed IMO.
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Well, the scoops ARE for scooping hydrogen, for what the game calls Frontier Refueling. Its a starship, though. Traveller is a space opera setting, although it does try to get a lot of facts right.
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One quick question, how does it land?  I take it the landing gear isn't wheeled carriage, and am working on a model of this ship, and I always wondered that.  Does it use a combination of grav plate technology and recessed steering thrusters to plop down?  Just wondered and you are "Da Man" as far as I am concerned with Traveller Ship modelling after the praise from Arcas-art.

Thanks for any info, love this color scheme and the subdued detailing.
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Actually, pretty conventional tricycle landing gear. You can see the landing gear doors, forward between the fins, port and starboard aft. with the Imperial sunburst overlapping the port one. The Scout lands and takes off on grav modules integrated into the lower hull. Attitude control via thrusters (you can see some of the jets near the bow)
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Ahhh! grav modules, roger that.. I was in Traveller in-game mode and wondered if grav-modules would work on the OUTSIDE as well as inside.  Thanks for the reply back!
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Bomber or fighter?
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Exploration and courier duties, mostly.
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is the same one that was drawn in ink?
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The ship was drawn many times for many of the Traveller game books in ink.
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Its actually a very small ship, not a star destroyer. From the paper RPG Traveller.
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