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In the mid eighties, a system of cycling spaceships picking up and dropping off OTVs near Earth and Mars was proposed as an efficient system to supply a manned Mars presence. I've shown 3 such OTVs rising in elliptical orbit over Mars, from their initial aerocapture maneuver. 2 Astronauts conduct EVA from the nearer OTV with MMUs. I've tried updating the 80's design with materials for the habitats based on Boeing's ISS modules. This piece was modeled, lit and rendered in Lightwave 7.5c, on a Mac dual 1.2 Gig G4. Thanks to [link] for the Mars bump and color maps, based on MOLA data and Mars Observer images.
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I've always enjoyed this one. Very, very cool.

Well done, sir :D
Javajunkie1976's avatar
Beautiful work, Drell! It almost looks like a "homebuilt" or low budget spacecraft design for the lower class worker who can't afford better in an advanced culture.
IsoGraph60XYZ's avatar
Great stuff-The scale perspectives make the image!The size of the ships against the sheer scale of the planet-the immensity of the Mission[s]-'Thing's to Come'-as someone once wrote!The crysatal clear clarity of space.
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I love (still) these concepts of the 80's. In those days, I started to suspect that Man will never reach Mars in my lifespan, as those projects are not taken with budgetary interest. Now, I'm sure that Man will never reach Mars, but maybe Man (as we know now) will not last much more time. Another creature will replace us soon or later, and will see Mars with scientific eyes and not with rentability eyes.
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nice creation
Perturabo93's avatar
Great design and description, very "human-technology"! ;)
1Wyrmshadow1's avatar
I remember the book from the 80's where these designs were featured. The design of the OTV instantly jogged my memory.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yeah, that big 'ole aerobrake shell is pretty distinctive.:D
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Another masterpiece. Wonderful work. I wish I were writing the background universe to go with it!
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One of my all time faves!! :D
MikeZ83's avatar
Looks great!
I really like how those reflections help to improve the mood of the image.
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