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Tantalus arrives

The Nuclear-pulse powered starship Tantalus has settled into orbit around one of the large gas giants orbiting HV2887. The human crew has revived, and are preparing to begin processing one of the smaller moons for raw materials. The mined ores and volitiles will be used to assemble the architecture necessary to lay down the first colony on the Earth-like world orbiting farther out from the sun.

Done in Lightwave 10, with additional work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Vue Studio. Thanks for looking!
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what is the BIGGEST spaceship you have drawn/made on deviantart? .~.

i really wanna know XD
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Probably an interstellar lightsail craft-the sail was over 10 miles in diameter.
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is it on DA?
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Very nice work :3

Is it a two-stage ship, akin to Daedalus? It does look like it from those cylindrical "pylons" extending from the circular plate.
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It is a 2 stage design, but this is the upper stage and payload--the first stage was expended getting it up to cruise speed. Those big cylinders are consumables storage.
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Nice, thanks for the reply :3
What program did you use to make this?
Never mind, Just saw it at the bottom.
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If you ask me, mineral extraction and fabrication should begin well in advance of the arrival (or revival) of human crews. In fact, I wouldn't want people spending any significant amount of time near a gas giant, considering what we know about our own system's gas giants. In fact, the moons of a gas giant are the WORST place to be, since they absorb the lion's share of energetic particles from the magnetosphere of the planet. Just look at Io. It absorbs 36 Sieverts a DAY. 
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Callisto is the third-largest moon in the solar system, and about 99% the diameter of the planet Mercury, and the second largest in the Jovian system (after Ganymede), and has an orbital radius of about 1,168,177.8 miles – well outside Jupiter’s lethal radiation belt.

So the validity of concern rather depends on which moon you chose to focus on as a warning example, I would think.

It’s far more likely that a potential terrestrial-like world would be closer to the diameter of Mercury than the diameter of Io, at least in my considered opinion, planetary mass being a major consideration (among other factors) in terms of a planets potential to retain an atmosphere. 
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Good point.

Not sure why you're talking about planet size. I was talking about the moon in the illustration described as being mined for resources, not the terrestrial planet. 
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I agree wholeheartedly! You make great points. I must admit, when I was thinking about the scene, I was mostly thinking visually. I had thought that the crew would supervise the set-up of operations on the moon, then go under again until the bulk of the work was done, but that really doesn't deal with the principal problem you point out--radiation. I suppose I could invoke some hand waving about "electro-magnetic shielding", but, in truth, you wouldn't want to be in the vicinity of any gas giant as we know them in this solar system. Perhaps it would work if this were a totally robotic part of the mission, with the humans safely distant. Still, I can't help but think machinery of any complex nature would remain healthy long in such an environment. Thanks for your insights.
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Awesome Daedalus varient!
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Thank you, sir! That means a lot, coming from you--I love your design work.
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Very nice - love the ship design! :-D
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Thanks! Well, most of it is dictated by the nuclear-pulse propulsion system, but I'm glad you like the habitat and other components.
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Beautiful! Any way you could make a widescreen version?
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Thank you! I can do that! It may take some time, as I have some other renders going now, but stay tuned.
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Oh wow! This is great!
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