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Skimming the Jovian Clouds

A few seconds before aerobraking in the upper Jupiter atmosphere, Leonov is traveling at nearly twelve miles per second. The antenna and science booms, along with the radiator panels have been folded back to fit in the aerodynamic shadow of the heat shield. The aerobraking will slow Leonov into a highly elliptical orbit around Jupiter.
Rendered and modeled in Lightwave 8.5, with cloud backdrop painted in Photoshop.
Thanks for taking a look!
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A MUCH BETTER rendition of the "Leonov" than what was in the film. Such a depiction is well done b/c Dr. Clarke did not give a detailed Engineering description of "Leonov" as he did with "Discovery" in the novel version of "2001."
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The unfortunate thing about the movie version of 2010 is,... the sets do not fit within the structure of the ship, not even remotely. Its almost as if they didn't even bother

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Great concept and work, I it makes it believable.:) (Smile)
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is the reason most ships have those grid-like girders is to maintain structure but reduce weight?

the middle section
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Yep. In vacuum, there's no drag to worry about, so there's no need to have a fuselage.
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ah i see

but ..but >w> what about them pesky speedy rocks?
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micrometeorites? You're better off building Whipple Shields into your self-sealing fuel tanks. That will take care of anything under a millimeter. Stuff larger than that is sufficiently uncommon that you really don't have to worry about it.
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Very nice artwork.   Your version of the Leonov looks like a descendant of the Soyuz and Mir programs.
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That was certainly part of the thought process, when we started designing the Leonov. We wanted to think about evolving the Soviet hardware. Equally, we wanted to carefully read Clarke's description in the novel, and shape a Leonov reflective of his words.
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Its 2.36G out there, we can't add more metal to the gas ball.
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