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Shakelton through the Ice

The research ship Shakelton flies by shard-like deeply frozen cometary fragments in the Oort Cloud. The "flying icebergs" are primordial remnants of the solar system's formation.
Done in Lightwave and Photoshop.

EDIT: Updated the image to reflect modifications in the ship design, and a slight tweak to the curves.
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If this ship is named for famous British Arctic explorer Ernest
Shackleton, it's spelled wrong. Other than that, I really like the
artwork - good job with a great background.
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Yes, it was supposed to be named for the British Arctic explorer. And yes, I am a Bone Head.

Thanks for the  praise-AND the correction!:D
is that an Orion drive?
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It is not intended to be, but, man, from this angle it sure does look like one. The thing that looks like a pusher plate is a radiation shadow shield. The drive itself is supposed to be an advanced plasma drive, powered by a nuclear reactor stashed back there behind the shield. From any other angle, the ship wouldn't look so much like an Orion, but from this one, yeah, its an almost exact match.
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Lets just hope the good ship doesn't meet the same fate as its namesake.
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I HOPE not! I was going to name the ship "Endurance", but it ended up in worse shape than Shakelton!
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That was the ship that got crushed by ice, wasn't it?
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Yes. After being trapped by thick ice, it was finally crushed, forcing Shakelton and his crew to undertake an amazing trek over ice and open water.
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Beautifully done. Great colour, detail, and use of light and shade.
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