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Research Ship Endurance

Built in Lunar orbit from materials mined at Hipparchus Station, the Research Vessel Endurance takes shape in its 96 kilometer high parking orbit. The aft sphere of the Reactor and Plasma Drive Module has just been attached to the main structural support spine, and the radiator array. The main Lifesystem is somewhat hidden in this view by the big hexagonal panels of the Encounter Debris Shield. Endurance will be accompanied by her sister ships Ross and Hero for the expedition to Comet Cho-Bennet 5.
Modeled in Lightwave 8.5, with textures painted in Photoshop.
Thanks for taking a look!
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what are those marshmellow things near the shield?

or can you say the parts of the ship in sections?
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Those are the Exploration Pod Garages.
An excellent design and concept. I think this is the first time I have seen an impact shield on a ship. My own idea is shaped like a concave mirror that utilizes frozen water forming an inflatable ice shield. It might best be described as a very shallow dome.
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Nice scale and great effect w orbit over moonscape
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Love your reality based design. Do you work for NASA, because it is that good.
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I was a technical illustrator for a NASA subcontractor years ago. I really enjoyed that work!
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So I was right. Cool So any more drwaings like founding a soviet space wreck?
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Nothing like that, yet. Its a cool idea, though...
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So make it happen. You got the gift and talent.
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What I like about these kind of ships is that they spell exploration, daring and a desire to discover new things.
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Well done ! I love realistic space ships! With a more detailed background and a more dramatic light (hard contrasts we find in space), this would look great.
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i like that.....
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Great modelling :)
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Fantastic :) Love the ship :)
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This is definitely one of my faves of your "How the Solar System was Won" series, so it's great to see another view of it. I like the lil' workpods. What did you use for those?
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I built them! One day I'll detail the model enough for close-ups.
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