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Some mysterious force had dislodged Discovery from its resting place, in the L2 point between Jupiter and Io. Now it was in a rapidly decaying orbit about the sulfurous maelstrom of Io. Leonov had arrived barely in time to save the magnificent derelict. IN it, they hoped, many mysteries which had haunted mankind for a decade, would finally be solved.

Rendered in Lightwave 8.5. Special thanks to Sean Kennedy (akaTREYBOR) for his beautiful Discovery model.
Thanks for having a look!
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Yeah, in 2010 the destination was Jupiter instead of Saturn, and he basically went with the movie version of events and designs, under the theory that more people were familiar with the movie than the book...
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So I never did get a chance to Read 2010. I have heard Arthur C Clarke retconned a few things to follow more closely with the movie instead of the book (The destination in the 2201 book was Saturn for instance)

Was the look of the Odyssey one of those retcons?
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Great modeling and a nice scene composition too!
I feel it's missing some specularity / glossiness though.
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that's awesome.