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Port Roll

A point-of-view shot of a roll maneuver. The wing art is "Slayer" by RobCaswell, the pilot is adapted from Ivor the Engine's NASA Spacesuit. I used the star sphere that comes with Lightwave, spun it and rendered a single frame.

Lightwave 10, with a little FX in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking!
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Yeah that's quality, good 3D skills there, I have to say I got a lot of love for the starfury, great design
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Another Qual pic of one of the best starfighters ever made!
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Thanks! And I completely agree!
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Awesome, makes me feel kinda woozy lokking at those stars :-)
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Yay! My job here is done! Thanks! I did want to capture that feel you get in a spin. I can still remember quite vividly the feeling of joy/ fear/ awe/ terror! the first time my dad put the plane into a spin. A definite rush!
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Cool! Great/clever way to depict a roll!

Of note, I did the wingart texture but NOT the illustration. The figure was found online.... and I couldn't find the artist's name.
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Ahhhhhh!!!! *Blacks out*

You're tempting me to watch Babylon 5, and if I dig out the DVD boxsets, that'll be it...the whole series will have to be watched. Including Crusade! :D
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And that's bad...why?
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Not bad, just obsessive. :D
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