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Martian Dawn

Vehicles loosely based on the 1986 NASA NERVA 2 INterplanetary spacecraft design. This piece actually started out as a test of my new Mk II Mars close-up terrain, using Mars Orbital Laser Altimetry Data to deform a geodesic metaform 1/8th sphere. Then I put another (slightly larger) 1/8 sphere over it to create the atmosphere. Then inspiration struck, and this is the result. I all ready had modeled the NERVA 2 vehicle some time ago.

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 8.5, with touch up in Photoshop.

Thanks for taking a look!
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Very nice!

Interesting fact: NASA, the ESA and the RKA (Russian Space agency) are doing joint feasibility studies on a manned mission to Mars, hopefully to take place at the end of the next decade. The leading design is basically an updated version of the aforementioned NERVA plan from the 1980's. Some ideas stick around because they "just simply work."
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I love this!  Realistic, well thought out spaceships are so much better than most of the sci-fi offerings out there currently.
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tolles Design und nice work
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This has been featured in news article [link]
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This is a really great piece! Very realistic! :)
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Beautiful work
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Probably our first true spacecrafts will be like this.
Congratulations, it's amazing! ;)
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is there a free download of photoshop TwT
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Very nice craft. nice work
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thats one cool picture. wish we where already there as humanity.
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