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A versatile, reusable vehicle to access low Earth Orbit is the Holy Grail for the Astronautics community. The Space Shuttle, with its expendable tank, refurbishable Solid Rocket Boosters, and long periods of servicing between every flight, never lived up to this expectation (nor was it meant to. The U.S. Congress declined to fund the full system) So this still remains a science fiction dream today. Here we see two such craft, ascending together into orbit.

This piece started out as a test of Vue Studio 7's cloud rendering. I liked what I got, and ended up bringing it into Lightwave as a backdrop, where I rendered the Arks.

Thanks for taking a look!
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Love the ships!
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Can you please credit the original modeler of the arks in your description.  It's bad form to not do so.
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The credit is ON THE IMAGE.
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Glad to see someone still using lightwave.  Used to make a living out of it.  Still do occasionally.
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Can't believe I took seven years to fave this!!
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super image, great work:) (Smile)
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I really love the realism of his explanation, perhaps you were referring to ships SSTO? if you take into account that the design of the ship, is also very realistic
good work!
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Awesome model and render. I especially like the shock diamonds.
I think I saw this design in a sciFi music video?
Very cool looking ship though.
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Yep, the mesh was done by the same guys who did the ship for the video. Interestingly, I've never seen it.
Well if your curious its on Youtube.
Muse - Sing for absolution
I'ld get you the URL, but youtube refuses to come up.  ;/
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very nice as well as having some elements from the x-33
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Excellent work! Somehow this one reminds me of the vehicles they used in Interstellar. (2014)
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Thats badass-ery right there! :D
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What a great pic!  Love to see more!
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very well done! love everything about this one!
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From among my friends, only I keep saying that I'd buy the first civilian starship, and every one just looks at me as if I'm crazy. Kind of a bummer.

Great work though, is that a 3d model or drawn?
When hearts soar as Eagles dare and dreams again no longer rare send us ever outward there and bring us back without a care...

Awe inspiring works these and not yet a single five year mission or Enterprise in the works. No ARCS no exploratories... not a dollar or moment to spare.

We may well have lost our Pioneer Spirit; but not for lack of inspiration...

Please continue the great work... ~Aes~   :)
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Thanks, Aesuran, beautifully well said!
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Did awesome! May I ask what programme you used to put this design together? Or am I to stand correct? Did you do this? Any information will be greatly appreciated great work man!
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I did the sky and clouds in Vue Studio, the ships were rendered in Lightwave 8. The models were built and textured by Jason Tinsley and Craig A. Clark and made available at
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