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Inspection Boarding

This is one of the last images I did for MegaTraveller, back in my pen and ink days. This one comes from the GDW adventure Knightfall. Two of my favorite Traveller ships--the Patrol Cruiser and the Beowulf class Free Trader.
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Similar to an "Astounding" cover in April 1945.

I own that adventure.  :)  Thanks for making some art for it!
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It's your fault I spent so much money on RPG books! :D Your illustrations drew me to them like... anyways. Great that you're uploading your original art! :worship:
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Hey! That was for one of my adventures! I loved the work you did on this! Consider yourself thug hugged!
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Thanks, man! It was a really good product, I loved the writing, too!
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I think I have had more kind comments about that series than anything else I ever did for Traveller.
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Great days of I think is the best RPG I ever come across.

Excellent work, and thanks for the memories :D
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I remember those ships quite fondly. :)
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A classic scene, customs inspections always a bitch. I like the way you've done that telescoping docking tube. Thats real class, something not described in any great detail in MT or classic for that matter. Think the only place its really covered is in the high guard published by mongoose.
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Okay, I'm curious, did you provide some artwork for the hardcover Traveller Book (I think the copyright was around 1977 or so, its been so long since my old library had it, but it was my first exposure to SF RPGs...)?

If so, you certainly are one of the artists that got me into pen and ink SF illustration! I always loved this style of space work, be it the old Analog/Astounding SF pulps or the RPG books all the way through the early 2000's... For me, that black and white set the whole tone for visualizing RPG's!
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The Traveller Book was my first set of Traveller rules, too! And all of the influences you list were also mine. My first work for Traveller was for Challenge, and Traveller Digest. The first rule set I illustrated was the MegaTraveller books.
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I remember looking at your art back when the game came out. Never thought I would see it here, but it gives me a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your art.
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Heh, before I read your text, my brain went, "Hey, that looks like Traveller art." Never played the game, but have an old boxed set of it. Wish table-top gaming would come back in vogue, I would love to do spot illos for games.
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Damn, I havent' heard of Traveller in a long time! I used to do a lot of roleplaying way back and this is one of the games we played. Love the artwork, reminds me of Chris Foss's work for the movie Alien.
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The docking tunnel is cool. We never really got to see that in Traveller.
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It has taken me years to find the deck plans for the Patrol Cruiser. I was just never lucky enough to 'stumble' over the module or supplement book it originally appeared in. -_-

Much cheers to you and yours!
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Another favorite scene :) My MT books are (with the aid of a small lunge) within arm's reach :) A pleasure to see what helped make them what they are :) :salute:
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