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High Flight

I've never flown a jet, but, believe it or not, you can get the feeling I'm trying to convey here flying a little single engine Piper Warrior.

This was done in Vue Studio 10, and Photoshop.
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Flying is almost the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Great job, I like the style. Some very familiar looking components put together in a rather nice package.
Jack-Abbott's avatar
Neat design! Reminds me of a combination of the X-24A and the X-33.
MarkHirst's avatar
Beautiful, it should be on a book cover ! Impressed by the clean render too, Vue was never so precise when I used it.
DaveCarter's avatar
Cool aircraft, any possibility of a side shot?
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Its a commercially available model, Dave. Take a look over at Daz 3D, and search for Shuttlestar. There are some good sideview renders.
Marrekie's avatar
Haha, I believe you. Btw, did you ever experience a winch take off with a glider? Makes you feel like an F18 pilot as well... for about twenty glorious seconds :)

Anyway, great image. Lots of atmosphere!
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Winch launches are awesome! I've been up with an instructor several times, both on the winch, and being towed. Never got my sailplane rating, but I so love the feeling of gliding!
Marrekie's avatar
Never got my rating either, but I did experience about 25 / 30 winch launches. Great stuff! =D
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well done, Looks great and you really captured the feel on this. Clap Clap Clap 
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cadwaladr's avatar
Nice, getting a real TTA vibe from this
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Oh , yeah! One of my fundamental influences!
The perspective is a nice touch.  It really adds to the dynamism of the shot.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Thanks! I picked up Scott Robertson's book on drawing, and I finally am beginning to get curvilinear perspective!
RobCaswell's avatar
NEAT! Very striking. Love the color. From the thumbnail I thought it might be GrahamTG :)
tomolok110's avatar
Wow!!! That is amazing work!!! Thanks for sharing..... :-)
GrahamTG's avatar
Brilliant ! Great use of colour, light and effects to give a real sense of speed and power.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Thanks, Graham. I was certainly trying to channel some of your dynamic use of color and composition. I'm honored you like it!
NICELabs's avatar
Awesome :)  Never did anything so dramatic myself, but I had a couple introductory lessons in a Piper many years ago so I can certainly imagine :D
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