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Gas Giant Scooping



Part of the fabric of the Traveller RPG universe is the ability for some ships to scoop hydrogen from the atmosphere of gas giants in order to refuel. In this case, we see such an operation, with the hydrogen being shunted to tanks, while impurities are vented out behind the ship. This particular gas giant has a active ecosystem which occupies a layer in the atmosphere where earth-like pressures exist, and warmth wells up from the lower atmosphere. These creatures can never land, but spend their life-cycles either soaring, or, in the case of the giant Floaters, buoyed up by hydrogen which they warm in their interiors.

This is a vertical composition version of a piece I did for the 2012 Traveller calendar.

Lightwave10, and lots of cloud painting in Photoshop!
Thanks for taking a look!

Thanks to arcass for an assist with the lightning! :D
EDIT The Traveller Calendar for 2012 is not quite ready, yet, but it should be soon. You can look at earlier calendars, and 2012 when its available at: [link]
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The Subsidised Merchant never looked better. Thanks!