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A bit of an outtake from the Argosy series. Someone wanted a closer view of the isolation facility the Argosy crew would be quarantined in upon returning from the Mars mission. This is it, Ben Franklin Station, along with the NAA original design for the Shuttle Orbiter, the Space Tug (one docked to the Station) and, in the background, a Nuclear Lunar Ferry being loaded for flight. Post- Apollo plans called for a station like this to be orbited in 1978 or '79, to support long-duration medical studies, and provide logistic support for low Earth orbit operations.

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 10, with minor tweaks in Photoshop. Thanks for looking!
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   Love the station.  Great and real looking.  The shuttle reminds me of the F-104 starfighter.  In the wings department.
All I can say is WOW!Clap 
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SUPER :D İ love it
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Superb work my friend,

Hey, do you have any plans to show the NAA Shuttle perched atop its manned flyback booster? I have links to some diagram references if you want them. 
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YUM! Eighteen kinds of awesome. Great to see the CU.
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I always look forward to when you upload a new image. The work you do on the image and the back story is superb!
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Thaks! Its my nerdy passion coming through, I guess...
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This world needs more people with your nerdy passion. It was those same people like you who inspired us to go to the moon and beyond!
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Wow this series is cool...and totally Kerbaliscious!
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Yep! And all doable with multiple Saturn V launches. Even the station was designed to ride on an uprated Saturn V.
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Saturn V? Oh! I remember those! Back when we had a manned space program that wasn't owned and operated by the Russians!
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Another triumph!
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Thanks, Winch! It always makes me happy when you like a piece I've done.
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You do such a good job of making those ancient NASA designs come to life!
Some rough looking weather down below.
Another nice one,
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Yeah, that is a BIG storm!
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