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Fat Trader in Port

Pencil on Bristol Board. This is the ubiquitous Subsidized Merchant starship from Traveller, slightly re-imagined by Dave Dietrick (in the Traveller Adventure) and myself. Originally I did this drawing for myself, just trying to work out what a starport pad might be like. It was later published in Starship Operators.
Thanks for taking a look!
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DGP's crew did the best Traveller artwork, period. I can't recall a single image what wasn't gorgeously evocative. Well done.
I like your icon, Porco Rosco.  I love this sketch.  Do you accept commissions for Traveller deckplans?
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Oh wow, so you're the guy who did some of the DGP illustrations.  Incredible work.

There's a sketch of a half submerged scout that came with the Mega Traveller's referee's screen.  It has some of the crew up topside feeding parrot dragons.  I'm assuming that one is your's too.

Is there any chance you could do a full render of that scout ship?  I thought it was really incredible.
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Yep, that was mine! Its humbling that the image stuck with you all these years! That is actually a piece I've wanted to revisit for years. Stay tuned...
Very cool :)  I will stay tuned.
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Nice drawing. I love the game, haven't been able to play in years though since moving to the middle of nowhere.
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you do very nice work
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Very nice drawing =D
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Oh the trouble you can get into piloting one of these.....<walks off whistling innocently>

One of the first Sci-fi games I ever played. and I have to admit one of my favorite commercial ships to this day.
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nice Traveller design
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Tom, this is awsome. Well I actually complimented about that illo (from the Operators Manual) more than once.

I am so grateful that you put it up here, as the illo in my book has very light lines and even postworking on the scan never brought the details out correctly. Now I can start remodelling my clumsy Type R variant with proper reference art (something that's been on my to do list for ages). :)

You definitely branded THE Traveller Fat Trader design. I just love it.

The Image has been a favorite of mine since the times we were actively playing Traveller from the moment I held the Operator Manual in my hands. The book itself however looks a bit overused these days, I must regretfully admit.
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Thanks! I never was terribly happy with the reproduction in SSOM. By the time it was reduced to size, it lost a lot of detail. The original is 18 " long, so you can imagine the problems reproducing it with a half-tone screen. Actually finding the original and scanning it has made me go back and rework my own Lightwave model of the Fat Trader!
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This is the best illustration I've ever seen of that ship.
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I'm glad you like it!
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that's why it seemed so familiar i have that book!
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One of my favorite projects. I was on the conceptual design team for that one.
Love the R-series 'Fat' Trader! Well done, Drell-7!
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Thanks! I will forever be a big Traveller geek, I guess...
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Great drawing of a beautiful ship!
I'm impressed.
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