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The crew of the first Mars landing, heading back to their camp after a nine hour EVA. The Lander is based on the 1969 NASA design study.

Lightwave and Photoshop. Thanks for looking!
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you got some cool art =], come check out is a social network that pays the users for the views they get on their posts if you are interested use /VasyaMixPix to join. the community will love your stuff ^^
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Wow, this has such an 'Interstellar' vibe to it! Amazing work! Loved it. 
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The crew seems to be walking right past an important thing: evidence of liquid water in the form of the sedimentary rock pile at right. Look at the pattern/texture on the rocks, indicating that at some time in the distant past (prior to their uplifting & jumbling), they were formed in a shallow body of water. WOW!

Oh, wait, this is just a painting, not a real video feed from Mars.

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Actually, you're the first one to catch that! I put in the sedimentary layering as kind of an Easter Egg. Also, the image darkened up when compressed, but there are some hints of fossils in there!
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Cool! Like I said before, "Someday..."

Seriously, I hope to see in my lifetime some evidence (via a robot proxy, most likely) of past or present life elsewhere in our solar system. I suspect that Mars is fairly dead now, but finding fossils there would be very awesome! (Heck, even sedimentary rocks as you've depicted would be really cool. Not just the layers we've seen, nor the beads of hematite, but actual rippled sand patterns.)

Of course, Jupiter's moon Europa might be our best bet for finding living things offworld. I hope I live long enough to witness that, if it's there...

(For the record, as vast as our universe is, I suspect--believe, actually--that there's life in a lot of places. But the scientist in me requires PROOF. I hope that we humans find it, soon, and in our own backyard would be very convenient!)
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Niiiice! This really gives the impression of being there. And the Mars colors are perfect, too.
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Excellent, you nailed the look for the surface of Mars :-)
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super concept, exploration Mars
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      You nailed the exploration theme right on.  WOW!
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I like a lot of the paintings from the old design studies, and I think you've done a good job of capturing the look and feel in this image.  A lot of 3D artists struggle with it.
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Thanks! The old designs are still relevant, and I really tried to give a more organic feel to this one.
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The underlying physics haven't really changed.  In spite of all of the whizzy concepts that are bandied around these days, the end result is going to look like something the 1960s to 1980s hardware with a glass cockpit and slightly lighter structural materials...and that's not a bad thing.
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When I look at this I hear them singing "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go..." over their suit mics ;)
That or the lander's dinner bell signal being transmitted. "Cookie sez Come 'n Get It!"
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I did have that kind of vibe in mind. I was tempted to have some smoke rising from the cookhouse...
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See....I hear them singing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song....
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But in a minor key, as they mourn the loss of one of their own.
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Please don't let us all be dead by the time this actually happens...
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Yeah, I hope I can still jump around with a stupid grin on my face when we finally get there!
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What I still have to say is yay
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