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Endurance: Plane Change



The mission profile for the Research Vessel Endurance requires a gravity sling-shot maneuver around Jupiter, changing the plane of its trajectory to one highly inclined to the solar system's ecliptic, to match the course and speed of Comet Cho-Bennet 5. Her two sister ships, Ross and Hero, are strung out over 1000 kilometers in single file behind Endurance, as they approach Jupiter. They've all ready accelerated to become the fastest objects in the solar system, jettisoning fuel tanks as they were emptied. When they complete the plane change, they will fire up their plasma drives again, to begin the final phase of the long stern-chase to rendezvous with the comet.

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 8.5 Jupiter is based on fly-by images from the Cassini mission, with additional cloud map and bump-maps painted by me in Photoshop, and a haze/ upper atmosphere sphere added around the main sphere. The sphere of Jupiter is slightly squashed, as is Jupiter itself. The planet is so large, and rotates so fast (a day is only 10 hours long) that its equator bulges 4,683 kilometers farther out than its polar diameter! I know Jupiter has a ring, but from this sun angle, it is far too thin and transparent to be seen.
Thanks for having a look!
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Is this one new? I'm not sure I remember this one. Very nice.