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Endurance: Finishing Touches


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In parking orbit around the Moon, the Research Vessel ENDURANCE receives final checks from two Work Pods from Hipparchus Station. Final fueling of the ship's tanks has been completed, and all that remains to do is to couple the nuclear powered booster that will inject her onto the initial leg of the long trajectory to rendezvous with Comet Cho-Bennet 5.
Modeled and rendered with Lightwave 8.5.
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I solar system is colonized, we may invent a greater collective entity that surpass the nation.
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To my mind the realism part in this design is great- supercooled fuel stored away from heavy fusion engine and cluster of radiators between them-this design would actually work well and i think with slingshot from jupiter and refueling in it`s SOI it would be capable of interstellar journey. maybe it would need a little more protection from radiation. Overall, i love the design and detail in it. 6/5
I like this a lot.
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Very nice indeed, I particularly like the AE35 type antenna cluster amidships.
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Yeah, the Discovery's antenna was definitely the inspiration. I just provided them with a backup, in case the main malfunctioned!
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Possibly my fave of the series. The detail is remarkable.
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