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Draconis Station

The U.S.S. Phobos, by Lt. Kevin Riley might just be the the most well-made and designed of any Trek Fan designed ship from TMP era. Its a update of the FASA Locknar class ship, and it is a real beauty, and a pleasure to light and compose. I've learned a lot from this model which I hope to use in future projects.
I've teamed the Phobos up with Rick "Hobbs" Snider's beautiful Regula One model, which I'm using here as Draconis Station, positioned to observe the Phi Draconis nova remnant. Far ultraviolet radiation from the remnant causes the nebula it threw off to fluoresce in the near ultraviolet and violet regions of the visible spectrum.

Thanks for taking a look!
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If there's a way to submit this to Star Trek Online, you should do so---it looks good enough for canon, and the layout of the weapons looks like it might be interesting to try out in the game.
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Another great depiction of this ship. I'm getting interested in this ship.
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You ever gonna do anything more with this ultra cool ship???
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yep. Right after I finish the Huron....
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That is one gorgeous design. I am looking for a design like this to use as the centerpiece of my fan series which I am writing now. Can you put me in touch with Lt. Kevin Riley?
A great ship--and a great 3-D painting of it! It looks like a pre-production painting from TMP!
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Sweet looking ship! It would be great if this were to appear in a future film or TV series.
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That's one sexy ship.
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Great angle and lighting.
Daihak's avatar
I wish I could make renders such as this. Incredible job. Very cool.
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Lovely lighting and ambiance, always had a soft spot for the good ol' Phobos. :D
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Absolutly amazing!! Great job!!
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The back of the saucer between the hulls seems to be shorter than the rest of it...
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Yep, there's a cut out back there, between the 2 lower hulls. That's where the hangar is located. The impulse drives are at the ends of hulls, like the Akira.
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Are there some shots showing that area more clearly?
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Here is one by karanua that shows that area very well.

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Man, that design is SOOOOOOO sexy!!!!!!!!!!! :eyepopping:
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You got it! So what format is the model in? Yup - SCHWWEEEEET design! This looks like the cover to the Polar Lights model for it ;)
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It's originally a Max model, converted to Light Wave. (with lots of mesh tweaking and texture replacement) by Matthew Christou and the super-talented Fabio Passaro. I was thinking it looked a little model-box ish, but I like the angle and palette.
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More than "a little" ;)
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