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Cruise Formation

The Motion Picture version of the D-7 is another of my favorite Trek designs. Just thought I'd do a beauty shot of a triad. This one has been hanging around on the hard drive for awhile, so I thought I'd let it see the light of day...

Lightwave 8.5

Thanks for taking a look!
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OliverInk's avatar
D7Ms - nice.
Just needs the quasi-Mongolian horse-music.
dejesusscott's avatar
Beautiful !! Just plain beautiful yo. Love those K'Tinga Klingon ship. Great work on those pics yo.
montana82's avatar
Love it. Fantastic!
Alpha5-3D's avatar
Looks great. Like Ptrope, as soon as I saw it, the Klingon theme music started running through my head. :)
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yep. I had it on loop play while I was composing the image! Gotta love Jerry Goldsmith!
KlausTeufel's avatar
Nice Klingons! Not keen on the image's border colour, tho.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
thanks! I was trying to pick up on the red lights of the ships. Maybe a greenish would have worked better?
KlausTeufel's avatar
Yeah, that'd be my choice. I think the red lights stand out fine; the green panels could do with bringing out.
1Wyrmshadow1's avatar
Im going to guess that the planet texture you are using is Mars just without color.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
It's actually just part of Mars. I used a very high res set of MOLA height data to deform a 1/4 sphere, then painted a gray map for it. ( i think my painting was a little too subtle, though. can't really tell its there... )
1Wyrmshadow1's avatar
I thought I recognized Agyre Planitia just below the top K'Tinga.
Thomas-Peters's avatar
I do believe you are correct, sir!
monkeysuncle30's avatar
Nice battle group. It almost begs the question of whether or not, this was the Klingon battle group that was destroyed by V'ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
deciever2000's avatar
Wyrdrune's avatar
Love the K'tinga model - nice pic !!
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Treybor did a great modeling and texturing job on her. glad you like the image!
Urus-28's avatar
yIn nI' DaSIQjaj 'ej bIchepjaj :thumbsup:
Hope you speak klingon =D
Very nice picture =D
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Something about molten chocolate?? :D Thanks!!
Urus-28's avatar
I'm afraid it's not about chocolate =P
RobCaswell's avatar
It certain evokes TMP effectively...even if they didn't track past a dead moon. Convincing light!
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