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Betrayal at Point Blank Range

Well, on Nicholas Meyer's theory that Trek is the grandest of operatic tradition, here's an attempt at some Wagnerian imagery...

I suppose this could also be called "best of enemies..."

Daz/Studio 3, and Photoshop
Thanks for taking a look!
I forgot the credits!

Atolm's Romulan Bird of Prey by Treybor
Poser conversion by Mattymanx
Prologic's Klingon K'Tinga Class Battle Cruiser
Poser conversion by Mattymanx

MANY MANY Thanks to the VERY talented creators for sharing their work!
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Very excellent combination of all these creators ships! Great battle scene!!! :D
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This is just awesome; I love the colours. I know, someone all ready said that, but it's true nevertheless.
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In the words of Worf: "Romulans!" :P
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What's happening to the cruiser on the right side?
Looks like it's separating...
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Yep! They've been hit hard, their antimatter containment is going, so they separated the boom from the wing. I'm not sure its going to do much good, though...:D
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Nice picture.
Though I have to say I've never been a fan of the TNG warp core and its antimatter containment, and all the core breaches...
I favour the TOS engines that behave like a simple combustion engine, as in a car.
Push it too hard, and it jumps through your hood. Shoot at it, and it just quits.
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Well, I'm not generally a fan of the intricate double-talk from Next Gen, either, and it does seem like they're losing control of their antimatter supply every other episode....That said, however, there has to be some form of magnetic bottle containing the antimatter (otherwise you've just got a big matter/antimatter total conversion) So, after a ship takes a monumental amount of damage, I would think at some point they'd lose the necessary equipment to run the magnetic bottle. And you wouldn't want to be around when THAT happens! I've always thought that's the main reason the primary and secondary hulls of the Constitution class are designed to separate in an emergency, as are the Klingon D-7s.

Maybe this D-7 isn't losing its magnetic bottle, though. Maybe its just taken so much damage in the "wing" that the impulse engines ar going to blow. For whatever reason, the Captain has elected to save part of his ship and crew.
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Well, the Starship class was designed so the saucer could separate.
Not sure about the Klingon ships, though.

Yeah, that sounds reasonable.
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I'm not sure that either ships was "designed" for that - at least in Matt Jeffries mind. To the best of my knowledge the whole saucer sep idea didn't come in until the Franz Joseph blueprint appeared, around '76. I don't recall any mention of it earlier and hadn't heard that Jeffries admitted to crafting that design consideration.

I don't remember when the Klingon hull sep was first suggested, but I don't think it was long after. My best recollection is that it was introduced in Jeffrey Maynard's D7 blueprints that appeared shortly thereafter. It has since been employed in a variety of productions, though all non-canon I think. Still, there's nothing in the canon presentation that says D7's CAN'T do this. So I have no problem accepting it. On the contrary, I've lived under this function assumption for more than a quarter century, so if anything it's just cool to see it finally visualized.
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We will never know.
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Here's a link on saucer sep. It cites a couple of TOS references, though not specifically as a "saucer sep", but as a "drive jettison". [link]

And here's a page off the site for the D7 design: [link]

Of course what Drell-7 has here is a K'Tinga, so....whotheheck knows what that means for things? ;)
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Actually, I could be wrong on my it was Franz Joseph's idea". It seems the concept was introduced during TOS, albeit in passing mention. I still have doubts as it was part of the initial concept for the vehicle as I never heard Matt Jeffries claim it was. But again, I haven't read EVERY interview with the man.
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Huh? Never know what?
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Yep, a fight in Trek's finest tradition... and then some. Love the bold colors!! And coolest of all, I don't think I've ever seen a D7 hull sep before!!!! I forgot they could do that. Uber Cool!!! Something in the palette treatment reminds me a bit of Bob Eggleton... and strangely enough, the first piece of Bob's work I ever saw was a pena nd ink Klingon ship he did in '79 :D

Nice warbird design, too, even if it is green and not a painted up in BoP glory.

Hull sep.... wow...!
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Thanks, Arcass!
I wasn't consciously thinking of it, but, yeah, that IS a very Bob Egglelton palette! Not a bad thing, imo.
I really like this take on a Motion Picture era Bird of Prey. I may just have to paint some more traditional maps for it!
The only time I've run across a Klingon hull sep was in the novel "The Final Reflection" by John Ford. There, the Klingon commander actually used it as a battle tactic! Great space battles in that book...
There's a great Klingon saying from that book, which could be another alternate title for this, "All things done under the naked stars are remembered."
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I have a similar saying: "All things done naked under the stars is remembered."
Ah, the memories.....
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