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Arrival at Red Alert

Aggi's Enterprise and his K-7 Station
The Enterprise arrives in response to an urgent call for aid from Space Station K-7

Thanks for having a look!
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Uh oh, Kirk's gonna have one of his famous headaches. :)
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Yep! And Tribbles for all!
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Kirk to Koloth. Tribble fight in ten minutes at the storage compartment three. :D
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Great choice of colors -- really pleasing to the eye. I also like the angle you've chosen. Gives the viewer a real feel for the "three-dimensionality" of space travel. Great work!
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Thanks, mylochka! This was a fun one to do-- I used radiosity rendering for the soft blue on blue shadows. It came out better than I thought it would.
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Thanks! It was a fun one to put together.
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Maybe a better title would be "Priority One Distress Call??".
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You be on fire this week, Funkadelic SalamiMan! Neat stuff. Great colors and composition. I'm happy I've been able to pollute the Trek art community with the bug for "unusual camera angles". But hey - get on the stick and figure out the LWO>OBJ conversion process. I want that station, man - NOW! NOW! NOW!
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