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The great dream of the age of space exploration; planetfall on another world of our solar system. Project Argosy's main goal, the landing of a manned, scientific expedition on the dusty plains of Mars. The fine Martian dust has been kicked up and blasted outward by the lander's descent engine.
I built the landscape and textured it based on various reference materials, and distributed random rocks procedurally.

Lightwave 10 and Photoshop CS3. Thanks for taking a look!
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Something's going on here...I would SWEAR I have fav'd this piece like four times already. Heck, it's in my desktop gallery! What gives?
Wow this is so good that NASA should hire you for artworks of their concepts and missions!
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You're welcome! :D Apparently it's a little more complex than suggesting some thumbnails. :(
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Mysterious are the ways of the Keepers of DDs...
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Blah, a fave from me is worth a hundred million DDs ;P
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You are so right!!
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Download...turn sideways...set as desktop...DONE!
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HA! That's the orientation I rendered it in! Glad you have a new wallpaper!
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Funny - it REALLY accents the fact that my monitors are not well color balanced. Mars is looks very different on each monitor!
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This piece is now in an art feature honoring the MSL Curiosity Rover - If you like it, please comment on the feature! [link]
Amazing work, I wish I'd been following you when you did this entire series, this is awesome stuff.
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Oh, its not done yet--I'm just taking a break. There's the Mars exploration, redocking with the motherships, the fly-by of Venus on the way home(and dropping atmospheric probes) and rendezvousing with the Bio Isolation Station back in Earth orbit still ahead.
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Wow! That looks great! :D
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Big deal.
Red rocks.
We got those.... and you can wear shorts to gather 'em! ;p


Great to vicariously tag along on this mission. If only....
Great surface detail!
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Awesome (in the awe inspiring sense).

I really like the storytelling that you add to these illustrative pieces from well picked angles to capture/view the subject.
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Absolutely wonderful. Tom you're keeping the Mars dream alive with these images!
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Looks fantastic, especially with all the habitat components so strategically placed in the descent module for ease of deployment. 10mb might be classed as atmosphere but still any structure such as the colony's greenhouse will have to be reinforced to prevent internal pressure exploding the structure (the opposite effect to underwater habitat construction), I personally think you've done the most realistic study of the whole mission that anyones done anywhere on this topic, very well done indeed.
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Schweet! Love the composition and color of this!
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