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Argosy: Landscape, with Aliens

Safely on the ground, the surface crew of Argosy 1 tests their Mars legs, and takes a moment to take in the view at their home for the next eight months.
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Hey! And where is the aliens? People for them aren't considered!
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Sorry, the humans ARE the aliens, from the point of view of Mars.
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Spectacular art! Very believable and realistic design, mind my asking which parts of it compose the ascent craft?
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This looks like NASA's MEM design of the 1980s.
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Yep! Actually, the first version of it I've found was in von Braun's Mars mission design from 1969-70. Its changed scale a couple of times, but the ascent/descent stage configuration, the landing legs, etc. have stayed pretty much the same.
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That's correct.
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What a disappointment for the aliens though. ... A machine from somewhere else Lands and isn't even manned... Or is she? :-D
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Hmm, I think you missed the point of the title-the aliens in this context are the human astronauts. :D
DallellesLaul's avatar
Looks like I did..
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I like it! Nicely designed pod, the scene is very realistic and believable too!
My only crit would be on the pod's maneuvering thrusters, the ones aimed down would be blowing gasses into the body of the pod itself. That is of course, unless they extend some more.

Nice work!
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As for the attitude jets, I think its a perspective issue. On the model I built you can see the angle of the thrusters allows the hot part of the exhaust to miss the lower body. That's just not obvious from this angle. They're only putting out about 600 newtons, so the unfocused splash on the descent stage wouldn't hurt anything, maybe just discolor the material a little.
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Absolutely awesome. I love Mars, and this really captures the kind of exploring that we'd do :D
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Thanks you, Doctor! I hope we get to see something like this in our lifetimes!
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Interesting. Is this based on a prototype?
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It never got to the mock-up or prototype stage, but von Braun and the Boeing people took it to a fairly high degree of engineering drawings. This was back when the study for this mission was being done, circa 1968-69. You can read about the study here: [link]
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Most excellent work. I am curious if you will also have a vehicle cramped into the lander. Looking forward to the return trip as well ;)
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Thank you! Its not clear if this lander could carry a rover or not. Its not out of the question that a LRV sized vehicle could have been carried, but it would be a tight fit, and offer meager mobility for only 2 of the 3 ground crew. The 1968 Boeing Mars mission study, which von Braun modified for this 1969 version, featured a Mars Excursion Module that was essentially the same design as this one, but scaled up about 33%. That one included a large rover, as well as a 2 deck living module in the descent stage. For this version, I think the most likely solution would be an inflatable habitat and rover would be delivered separately in an unmanned lander.
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Sounds logical indeed
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Great martian feel in this scene, great work!
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Thanks! That Mars terrain took a long time to build and texture, but I've gotten a lot of scenes out of it! Its based on Spirit and Opportunity data.
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Fantastic ----- Bravo
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I always liked this Mars lander design
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Me too! Its the one speced out in the 1969 vonBraun Mars architecture, originally designed by Boeing. It has a really solid feel to it-and of course its based on the Apollo cone proportions, sense they really understood the aerodynamic qualities of that design.
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