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Argosy-Cruise Rigging



With the 2 Argosy Spacecraft safely on their transfer trajectory to Mars, they close together, rendezvousing in a nose to nose orientation. EVA teams from both ships rig 100 foot tethers between the ships, installed on computer-controlled tensioners. As the ships slip past the Moon, the crews finish up and return to their respective vehicles. Once secured, the appropriate attitude jets will fire to spin the 2 craft around their center of mass to provide centrifugal force equal to about 1/3 of an Earth gravity ( Mars gravity) in the crew modules. The craft will be despun and separated for the deceleration into Mars orbit.
For details about the 1969 proposal I'm basing this series on, here is a very good synopsis: [link]

Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 10.
Thanks for taking a look.
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Exceptional modeling and composition – I really must commend your attention to detail in your historical research. I have seen David Portree’s Beyond Apollo Blog post on the 1968 Boeing/North American Rockwell Mars mission proposal – but I had not seen Von Braun’s tweaked mission plan before. Thanks for the link! … In just a few views you have given me a new perspective, and I’ve become a major fan of your work.