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The 3 man MEM 1 fires its solid propellant de-orbit package, slowing the craft to begin the final descent to the Martian surface.
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Damn!! This is excellent !
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LOOOOOOVE IT! Although I wish if you put a little moon instead of that shit but still great :)
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It's a day for vertical compositions - YAY!!!!!

I like the idea and composition, but the execution feels like it comes up a bit short. The MEM cries for a bit more detail and if you cast a bit of rusty reflected light (from the surface) on its left side it may look a bit less "pasted on". You've also got some rather obvious photo mosaic lines near the pole of you planet. I'd love to see you tweak those elements, if only to bring it up to the high standards of the rest of this coolio series ;)
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A mighty bumpy ride no doubt but softened someways by the 10mb atmosphere and reduced gravity. Another classic, well done :clap:
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I second Steve's comment,I want to go... Now! :)
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Very nice - and I think I'm ready to go to Mars... immediately! :)
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