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Another in Rob Caswell's and my series of images based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel 2010: Odyssey Two. the Discovery and Leonov have been linked together by carbon filament ribbon, in order that Discovery be able to boost Leonov out of the Jupiter system. In order to accomplish the maneuver, the ships have first had to fall inward toward Jupiter, using the energy of the downhill run to add to their total velocity. Discovery then engaged its plasma drive, draining the last remnants of fuel from its tanks. Now, having cast off from Discovery, Leonov's drive, invented by the Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov,  bursts into brilliant life, lighting up the night side cloudscape of Jupiter beneath. Megalighting can be seen dotting the cloudscape as well.

Done in Lightwave 10 and Photoshop CS 6.

Thanks for having a look!
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nothing like the menacing black Soviet menace Leonov from the movie :p
actually it's alright, smaller ship = more logical in using Discovery as a booster rocket.
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Calling it staging just seems like such a sick joke when the first stage is a sentient spaceship about to die.  I admit I did have a dark humor chuckle before realizing it.
I kinda like the dynamic of this.  While the aeorbraking has more flash and the ignition burn is a bit more awe inspiring with the eclipse look, with everything zoomed in in the series, this one pulling back feels like it has some finality to it.
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Thanks! And, yes, there is a certain black humor in the title. The crew of Leonov are more than willing to put HAL in what might be mortal danger, to save their own skins. This is probably a comment by Clarke on our uncanny ability to make one group more expendable than another. Especially since the adults in the room--the non corporeal entities behind the monoliths find it worth their while to rescue HAL, elevating him to an equal of Bowman.
i love hals happy ending
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They are bugging out!
Thomas-Peters's avatar
If a Ghost and several square miles of big black enigmatic monolith don't scare you a little, its time to check the pulse! :D
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Sakharov drive FTW!

When this series of images is over, could you do some detailed views of your Alexei Leonov model?
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Beautiful! Super detail with the cast-off filaments, and the complementary colors of Discovery and Jupiter almost make it look 3D. Bravo!
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Thank you , sir. I really wanted to show the filaments glinting in the hellish glare. The complimentaries are an old trick, but it does work.
AbaKon's avatar
Wow....the glare actually seems to hurt my eyes. Ouchtastic!
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Nice! That's what I was going for! Try Visene.
AbaKon's avatar
It burns....
eddievhfan1984's avatar
Most excellent, as always. I see Discover's shaken clear of the sulfur, or is that due to high-blue lighting of the Сахаров привод? LOL
Thomas-Peters's avatar
I think it probably still has SOME sulfur clinging to it, but a lot of it got shaken off. I just kind of hinted at it. But the extreme light pretty much obliterated all traces.
eddievhfan1984's avatar
Awesome. Are you gonna try and tackle the Great Black Spot and Jupiter's transformation?
Thomas-Peters's avatar
If I can get it looking right....stay tuned!
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It's a great departure in the general "close-up" compositions of the series. Stepping back like this makes it feel more like "an event".
Thomas-Peters's avatar
Yeah, time to step back. By this time in the series everyone probably knows what "our" Leonov looks like.
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