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June 16, 2017
Sazabi by Art--Tool
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A Painting of my favorite Gundam Mobile Suit, the Badass machine known as the Sazabi!………
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The perspective in this is beyond awesome, makes me wanna watch gundam, if I knew where to start.

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Love this, it's a very well drawn and very well detailed look at the OG Char's last mobile suit....that was shown on the big screen. A lot of this mobile suit is amazing, the amount of beam sabers it has, the epic chest particle cannon, the amazing Beam shot rifle/shotgun that in my opinion puts the Sinanju's rifle with bazooka attachment to shame, and a beam tomahawk that can turn into an amazing weapon, both sides of the tomahawk active and a beam saber in the middle, that's an amazing close quarters weapon that I wish the Sinanju had instead of that simple beam axe. Very well done. One thing Sinanju has over this is the head vulcans. that and it's a lot sleeker in design, making it more fitting for speed like what the red comet was back in the one year war. But all in all Sazabi > Sinanju.

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Sazabi is like a fusion of Rick Dias's mono eye and bulky body frame, Marasai's head, Quebeley's funnel weaponry and Dowas Custom's Scattering Beam Cannon. Its signature elements would be preserved by one of its children, Zorin Soul from Gaia Gear.

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Oh, one of the best mecha in the entire Gundam franchise. Amazing work.
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Hey, right on! Sazabi was always my favorite too. Of course my greatest tribute to this mobile suit was building one of those snap-together models I got in Japan, but I'd say you've done this a *much* greater justice with this piece here. 

It does look incredibly powerful here, and bonus points for so much detail to make it look weathered - and in a giant painting no less. Thank you for your work! (and congrats on the DD!)
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Cheers for your kind words dude! yeah the design for the suit is so spot on, sho-gun meets giant robot. I must confess I actually own and have built the Master Grade Sazabi Ver ka kit and am currently in the process of painting it in sexy red candy colours!! HAIL ZEON! 
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Oh wow! You, Sir, are doing fandom right. I only had the 1/144 model, but I dared not re-paint it for fear of screwing everything up, haha.

Best of luck with your model... and HAIL ZEON!!
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Really meaty looking.
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Amazing work for a very well detailed Gundam .
Amazing art.😉
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Great perspective and atmosphere!!
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Love the atmosphere.  This picture brings to mind all the epic mech battles Gundam is known for.
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Im so pleased you say that! It really cool you read the picture as having that sense of scale and granduer
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Wow that's amazing! Well deserved DD!
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Congratulations for DD!
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Stunning artwork!!!

Sexy horse (oh noes) 
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Sunshine, is a dreary day.
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Movie reference. The peace is awesome!
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