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A Different Kind of Costume Party (Pokemon TF/TG)
Halloween had always been a favorite holiday of mine, since I was a little kid it was always up there with Christmas and my birthday. Deciding what I wanted to be each year, trick or treating, watching Nightmare Before Christmas without it feeling out of place, good times. This year was no exception, and I was holding a costume party for a few friends I had made during my writing career. 
This wasn't you're everyday Halloween party though! I had bought some costumes for each person who showed up, all with one theme that'd you'll see in a moment! What a generic introduction to something like this huh? None the less! I had personally picked out a costume that I saw fit that I knew my party guests would all love! 
Before anyone arrived, I wanted to put mine on first and surprise everyone. It was a Wiggytuff costume. Allow me to do a little bit of explaining. You see, everyone coming was in this big group chat filled with various transformation talent on Deviantart. One day, the
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 64 14
Shards of Humanity - Prologue
Read the following 2 paragraphs to get an idea of what you’re getting into. Alternatively, you can skip to “Shards of Humanity - Prologue” to jump straight into the story.
First thing’s first, I plan on continuing this story if I get enough support from all you wonderful deviants, or if I feel like it. The point is, I appreciate any and every comment so please do take the 10 seconds of time it takes to share your opinion in the comments section. As a hobbyist author posting his first story and possibly starting a series, it means a lot.
Secondly, I have read many tf (transformation fiction) stories here on DeviantArt and I decided that putting “TF” in the title was just not how I wanted to do it. However, this story involves a werewolf transformation, aided by a costume with (obviously) some muscle growth included. In my eyes, it does get slightly gory, depending on how good you are at making mental images but not gory enough to put on a mature conte
:iconthefullmooncalls:TheFullMoonCalls 16 3
Werewolf In A Can
Paul leaned back from his keyboard, stretching his arms above his head, then pushed his chair away from the desk, leaned forward and stretched them behind his back until his elbows touched. Four hours of debugging was more than long enough for one morning. He punched out for a break and got up from his little workstation to go to the kitchen. It was 11:30, and he was ready for lunch.
Telecommuting had so many advantages over going in for work. When his Silicon Valley company had offered the option, he jumped at it. His wife, Xana, wanted to move to a place with a thriving art community. They chose a small village in Vermont, and with the sale of their house in San Jose, bought a farm well outside of Craftsbury.
Other than the now-remodeled Victorian house and barn, and the couple of immediate acres with a spring-fed pond, they rented their surrounding land to the local dairy farmers, who either grazed their milk cows or gathered the hay.
The barn was now more of an oversize garage, stu
:iconabnom:AbNom 17 14
The Scalesuit
    As Zac ascended the stairs leading up to his room, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Another school day, over and done with. Another day of mediocre grades, lectures, boring class assignments, and and getting yelled at for not paying attention... gone and lost, into the void of the past. Just a few more weeks and he’d be able to graduate, and then he’d be out of high school for good. No more long school days, no more boring lectures, no more bad relationships with teachers… all he needed to do was spend the summer relaxing and preparing for college. The only downside was that he probably wasn’t going to be able to see his best friend, Anthony, for a while after school was over. The two of them had met in elementary school and been practically inseparable since then, since their interests and personalities were so similar to each other. They were always willing to support each other with problems, too, whether it was related
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 55 12
Mature content
Entwined [Naga TF] :iconrosewood-witch:rosewood-witch 40 0
Koopa Troopa Transformation
"It's finally here!"
Benny carried the large parcel into his home. As he got out a bux cutter and opened it, he smiled as he saw the quality costume he had purchased. A large green shell, yellow pants and sleeves, even an optional helmet and hammer to go with it.
"I bet all the guys would feel dumb trying to make a costume without any experience in sewing..." he thought to himself.
Benny decided to bring the costume upstairs to his room, in his own private space.
"Hmm. Looks pretty simple enough." he muttered to himself.
Having stripped down to a simple white tank top and blue boxers, he began to put the costume on. First was the shell, then the clip-on sleeves for his arms to look yellow. Then he puts on the pants, and he smiles as he looks at himself in the mirror.
"Now for the mask...Wait, where's the mask?" he muttered.
He looked at the box again and saw no mask to go with his ensemble. He checked the order he had placed, and the store specifically said that everything was there, i
:iconworldjumper:worldjumper 2 2
Chilling Cold and Blazing Hot.(Shouto Todoroki Tf)
A young 12-year old boy named Shun Samuo and his childhood friend and crush Umaya Fuyotsu where inside a costume shop filled with superhero costumes from different cartoons and anime. He figured that he might as well try one of them as he paid in the cashier, hidden by the ominous cloak, as they both returned to his house to try it on.
After Shun and Umaya were inside his house, Shun went into his room and changed into his new costume. It was a blue suit with some sort of silver vest with pads, some white boots, and a utility belt. He quickly changed into the costume, a bit too big for his size, and he ran out to meet with his friend. She saw just how small he is with the costume as they both laughed at how funny it is, however this will trigger something they didn't expect.
Shun suddenly felt his body grew a bit older as muscles gre from his arms while his face was cleared from any pimples. Shun and Umaya were shocked from this as he tried to take off the costume, but it wouldn't budg
:iconyoshikid07:yoshikid07 1 0
From Sero to Hiro.(Hiro Hamada Tf/Ap)
Sero, a young 10 year-old boy, is just your ordinary carefree boy. He's likes to have fun with people and has a sense of humor. However, what he loves to do the most is helping people in trouble. Such as helping the elderly crossing the street or something as little as picking someone's stuff from he ground. 
Of course, he can't really do this all alone, so he has a best friend to help him out. Maya is a girl who became great friends with Sero and is around he same age as him. Both of them were walking out of their elementary school when one day, they discovered a shop ey have never seen before. 
It was some sort of clothes shop right in the middle of the place, sticking out like a sore thumb. Although despite that, everyone doesn't seem to notice it at all. Inside were an assortment of clothes from different cartoons and movies that they both recognized. Curious on what else is in there, they both entered the shop.
As expected, inside were more variety of clothing from diffe
:iconyoshikid07:yoshikid07 1 3
Count on me, I'm strong! (Denki Kaminari Tf)
Ken was a young 12 year old boy with brown hair is attending his middle school to achieve his dream of helping people. He loved to help people ever since he watched some superhero cartoons and how inspired he feels about their good deeds. Someone called out his name and he looked at to see who was calling him.
A girl with the same colored hair as she walked beside him and smiled, Ken smiled back as he recognize her as his childhood friend. Yaomi and Ken had been friends since kindergarten and both of them are attending the same middle school. Yaomi also happens to be his neighbor's daughter, which their parents know a lot about each other. 
They both talked like good friends as they walk towards home, until they noticed something on the ground in front of them. 
The object was a white shirt along with a black jacket and pants, however there are white lightning symbols on the black clothes and not much else on the white shirt. Ken picked up the clothing in front of him, notici
:iconyoshikid07:yoshikid07 2 1
Mature content
Costume in A Can- Like a Fantasy :icontransformationguy365:transformationguy365 4 1
Mature content
Kirei: The Catgirl Suit. Part 1. :iconsorantheman:Sorantheman 29 4
Parasite cont'd by somnefarious Parasite cont'd :iconsomnefarious:somnefarious 16 2 (Comm) Pixy the Shaymin by StarlightNexus-Chan (Comm) Pixy the Shaymin :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 102 30 super casual by Juledrops super casual :iconjuledrops:Juledrops 38 5 All Alone by honrupi All Alone :iconhonrupi:honrupi 389 33 What's SubDog: Elio's Dusk Lycanroc TF by FezMangaka What's SubDog: Elio's Dusk Lycanroc TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 141 10



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