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My Bio

That's not me, but it might be ...


Living in Stuttgart, Germany I‘m a photographer „en passant“, painter and not a professional artist. I‘m just in it for fun, but nevertheless it‘s an important part of my life. My main profession is quite a different kind of art: Dealing with tax-law (more on the chaotic side of life).


See it, take it and then play. The pictures are mostly spontaneous finds during walks in my hometown (accompanied with a dog who let you wait and see) or travelling around. The world is full of wonderful details which are quite often in form and colour pieces of art by themselves. These pieces of cut out reality are often abstracted tiny parts of a bigger structure which open the view to a totally new story of the original thing. That is what I call playing with it.

On the other hand sometimes I‘m simply lucky to get a picture in a scenery with or without people which opens the phantasy to tell their own narration (That simply means: Right time, right place, click).


It‘s only a little bit of paint on a white empty surface, that means everything is possible.

In recent years I mostly do study’s of faces ( you may call it portraits). It‘s also about stories or as I will call it: What’s behind the eyes? This sort of painting needs also the look for the details, so in the end it‘s a different technique but mostly the same approach as in my photographs.

But sometimes, when I was too much fixed on details I need big paintings with no thought, only colour and nothing else but colour ...

Favourite Visual Artist
The world is full of them.
Favourite Movies
I‘m nostalgic: Casablanca with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blues and jazzy
Favourite Books
Too many, my home is full of them.
Tools of the Trade
iPhone, if nothing else is at hand. Aside this: Richo GR, Pentax SLR cameras, Lightroom, acrylics, brushes and fingers …
Other Interests
Writing Haikus, but I‘m German, so let‘s forget about it.


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Many thanks to ElyneNoir for this DD! It’s an impression from the east coast of Zanzibar. I took this picture in the spring of last year in the beginning of the covid crisis. It was on the last evening before flying home to Germany. The flight was delayed due to the fact, that the airlines startet to stop service. So I had one more quiet evening at the Indian Ocean. The clouds showed the beginning of the rainy seasons, but it was absolutely calm and no wind at that moment. It was low tide and you could walk through the lukewarm water and smell the taste of the sea. A simple moment of peace… Two days later, coming home to Germany I found a a country in complete shutdown. I couldn’t imagine that three weeks before when I started to this journey. So it’s also for me a very special photo. Maybe you want to see same more impressions from this evening. Just have a look: Stay save! ^ and the last picture: Before sunrise the morning after.
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New Years morning and the snoopy dogs are following last years spoor of a squirrel. Happy New Year to all of you out there !
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Today let me take you to the Stangenwald. It's an architectual installation by Hans Dieter Schaal from 1993. The name "Stangenwald" means a wood of poles. It reminds me of a modern transalation of an old greek temple newly made but already broken. The most fascinating thing of this object are the multiple shadow plays depending on the altitude of the sun during different times of the day and the year. With it's white columns it looks quite fragile although it's made out of massive concrete. It was this contrast between light and the big columns I tried to catch. So come with me on my dogwalk # 5 and have a look ... ... and as always: Don't forget the dog. The reason for this all: Location: Killesberg, Stuttgart, Germany
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If you can‘t go out, just take a white canvas ...

CP #1

^ CP #1 - Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm

CP # 2

^ CP #2 - Acrylic on canvas board, 60 x 80 cm


^ CP #3 - Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 70 cm


^ CP #4 Acrylic on canvas board, 70 x 60 cm


^ CP #5 Acrylics on canvas board, 60 x 80 cm


^ CP#6 Acrylics on canvas board 60 x 60 cm


^ CP #8 Acrylics on board 60 x 80 cm

CP #9 - Second Thoughts

^ CP #9 Acrylic on canvas board 60 x 70 cm


^ CP #10 Acrylic on board 60 x 80 cm


^ CP #11 Acrylic on canvas board 60 x 60 cm


^CP # 12 Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm


K03c8378 2

^ Portrait of an Iris


^ Rainy Day Dream Away

White Flames

^ White Flames


^ The Untouchable


^ Different Beauty


^ The Lily

Unending Red

^ Unending Red


^ Lightsearcher

K20 0317

^ Inner Secret


^ Portrait of a Lily


^ Protection


^ Unconditionally

Kp010394 2

^ Ranunculus

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t h a n k . y o u . m y . f r i e n d . =)

Many sincere thanks for all, Thomas! :beer::D

Thanks a lot for faving! 😊👍

Thomas many thanks for the fave ads as always :D:D