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The Numidium or Anumidum, the Brass God, was a gigantic golem of Dwemer origin. Constructed by Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac, Numidium was directly related to the disappearance of the Dwemer, and since then has been resurrected several times.
By the end of the Second Era, the Morrowind Tribunal had possession of Numidium. As a tribute to the Empire, the Tribunal gave Tiber Septim the golem. The Numidium was first reactivated by Tiber based on Zurin Arctus' Dwemer research. Reactiving the Numidium required a replacement heart, for which the Mantella was used, a soul gem that mimicked the properties of Lorkhan's Heart when filled with the soul of a Shezarrine. The golem was controlled by a Totem that can only be wielded by those of royal blood or great power.
The Numidium proved very effective in bringing down the mighty Aldmeri Dominion and conquering Tamriel in 2E 896. The official records tell a story wherein after defeating all his enemies, Tiber Septim used the Numidium to destroy the neutral royal families of Tamriel so that he could enthrone persons he knew to be loyal. The Underking, another Shezarrine who was confused for Zurin Arctus due to their shared soul, disagreed with this use of the Numidium, and tried to reclaim the Mantella. However, the process devastated both Numidium and the Underking. The heart they shared was blown into Aetherius. Pieces of the Numidium were scattered throughout Tamriel.
In the centuries that followed, Septim's elite soldiers were tasked with collecting the pieces of the Numidium. These soldiers became known as the Blades. During the reign of Uriel Septim VII, both the Numidium and the Totem were found in the Iliac Bay region. This nearly set off a civil war amongst the dozens of independent city-states in the region, beginning with the murder of King Lysandus of Daggerfall. Ultimately, an anonymous hero traveled to the plane of Aetherius to recover the Mantella, then returned to Mundus and activated the Numidium.

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it would be awesome if in the elder scrolls games we could see a large piece of numidium scattered across tamriel! imagine playing skyrim and stumbling across numidium's head now turned into a bandit hideout or maybe even a town built on and in it and being able to enter it and see all the gears and rusted away hydraulics! 
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I wonder where numidium is now
According to in-universe lore (and the UESP Wiki), it was destroyed during the Dragon Break in Daggerfall. According to Michael Kirkbride (via the Elder Scrolls Wikia), it got thrown into the Fifth Era and will end up destroying Nirn during the Landfall event. 
Can i Use this Picture for a C0DA cover? This Art ist fantastic and perfect for my work!
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yeah as long as you credit me
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Beautifuly awesome pic!
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i love TES lore. This is an amazing piece of art.
It also really interested me that the 'souls' of the Dwemer people ended up becoming the skin of Numidium when they tried to achieve ultimate godliness. Not exactly as planned eh Dwemer?
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Kagrenac: We found the heart of a god. What should we do with it?
Kagrenac: I see no problem with this plan.

Oh those beautiful bearded bastards.
Activating it a second time caused a Dragon Break. All six endings of DaggerFall are Cannon as they happened at the same time as a result of the Dragon Break.
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What about the one where the Numidium killed everyone? or was that the seventh ending?
The numidium killed some soldiers and the hero of daggerfall. All of the endings are cannon, as was mentioned in the Warp in the West...(A dragon break occured as the result of the time paradoxes.)
He only killed the hero of daggerfall, and a handful of soldiers in the cannon.
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mind if i used this to help draw my own numidium?

since there is barely any real source i can draw from on its design and looks. :P
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No problem! Just don't steal it in its entirety.
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im a master thief and im not sure i could steal a god XD

(my character is so powerful thanks to the heart of lorkhan mod for skyrim she is now the daedric prince of magicka) ;)
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Akulakhan can suck it.
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Akulakhan was another Giant Golem being built inside the red mountain if I'm not mistaken.
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wait? there was TWO! O_O
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almost, the main character of Morrowwind prevents the second one from being completed.
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oh yeah i remember now

powered by the heart of lokhrn

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