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Metropolis 2208


This is the new version of an picture, I already submitted some time ago. I added lots of details and some new buildings.

enjoy! :)
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Hi again, sorry I had missed that you had a version of the picture from 2006 "Metropolis 2106" without the tower. When I'm thinking about, that is more like the picture I saw in 1987. I have no memory of the tower.
So this is how the picture I saw in 1987 actually looked.
OK, I'm trying again, as I didn't get any understandable comment on my earlier comment.

In 1987 I saw the center part of this picture in a kind of "revelation" which lasted for around 3 minutes under heavy cold sweat and convulsions. Then in 2009 I recognized it, and exactly that part, which is on the front page of Keith Curtis book "After The Software Wars".

I wonder, if you possibly can say what is your inspiration for this picture. Did you possibly have a similar kind of revelation?

After I saw that picture, although with golden sky, not blue, this picture has actually the exact blue color of the wallpaper I saw it on, in our house then, I instantly turned from an "agnostic" to a "convinced" as I understood that we live in a virtual reality.
I was also able to write up a missing school report to get my exam, so I could later start my PhD program which I was inspired to do after seeing that picture.

My school report describes the future technical and social development from 1987 to 2037, so far correct.

What I've never really understood is what that portal means. First the portal is on the left (at least on the cropped version I saw), and I'm a left-libertarian where "left" means "true". I have two ideas:
1. refer to the web portal I'm developing inspired by seeing that picture as well as the research program I was inspired to start which enabled me to get the skills needed to develop such a web portal (which will abolish all kinds of artificial scarcity to lift humanity towards the future).
2. As you have another version of this, animated, denoted CLOUD city which gives synchronistic vibes towards a hobby project me and some friends had in the late 80's, to develop a generic crunching add on to any PC, denoted CLOUD
Computer Lönnerberg Orre Ullén Djurfeldt
based upon the Transputer, which was unfortunately killed when Thomson purchased Inmos :(
my idea is that the portal would be an electromagnetic acceleration/deceleration unit for levitating sky-trains which go between the CLOUD cities.

To implement such CLOUD cities could be doable with a solution I found, but not yet thoroughly tested, a physical problem I've pondered over since I was 12, but got an idea to recently when I was out driving. Then tested in a simple physics simulator as soon as I was back to office. It seems to work.

Another thing, how old is this picture? I find it interesting that the middle tower actually resembles the new One World Trade center.
I would love to live there.:D (Big Grin) 
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The center building reminds me of Grande Arche located in La Defense ,Paris
How much does it take to produce this and how much would it cost to get something similar like this ?
Dear Nils, I am interested in aquiring a licence for the above picture in order to use it in our office. Please could you email me privately on for further information.
1987 I experienced a forced painful visual perception during about three minutes when cold sweating with convulsions.
2010 I recognized the picture I had seen, it was the center part of this picture, which was on the front page of Keith Curtis' book "After the Software Wars"
I love this picture.
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WHat are u saying? He stole it?
I didn't understand your message I found in my inbox. /aim2free
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this is cool good job. ah how i would love to live in a future such as this one. everything is so cool
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niiiiiiiiiiice one!! =D
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hey you have been featured in a 'Nebulas & Futuristic' journal, get in your spaceship and have a look >> [link]
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Featured here :[link] :)
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Definitely better than the previous one... Great work, that central building reminds me of a modern building in Paris, France, do you know what I'm talking about?
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btw.. about the people u put there.. what is it actually? rpc?
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just now i know its ur image.. i found it on internet b4..

i tracing ur image into flash for my university course assignment.. n its used in my 2d animation about the future campus.. haha

sorry for not asking u ab the permission b4..

it's really2 great work.. :D :D
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It's... I have no any words...
Great picture!!
How could you do it?
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That is no doubt TRULY AMAZING!!!!
Very creative and very artistic!!
I love it!!
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I really love this! Well done!!
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