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This is something that's been needed for a long time. So here we go.

TL;DR version:
1. Nintendo's Untold Legends is over.
2. Con Pics will be posted when I'm in them.
3. Journey of the Pirate Kings won't be Continueing
4. Watch me on Youtube, Ninny Gamers, for Let's Plays.

1. So, yeah, it's been a long time. Over 4 years since my last page on NUL. I've tried many times since then to try and continue the series, but the biggest issue I've had is that new games keep coming out, and I want to try and keep them all in continuity. It's impossible to do that, and thus my motivation for the series has diminished. I know I promised I'd never let it die before it's time, but let's be honest, it's time passed long ago.

2. I still like to post pictures from SakuraCon here, but only if I'm showing off in them, and I wasn't in costume this last year. if you want more pics of SakuraCon, visit :icontakisan111:, she takes all the pics anyway and uploads what I or others in our group don't keep.

3. SPOILERS FOR ONE PIECE AHEAD: JotPK was a fun fan-fiction until I tried to insert my own story into it, and that's when everything started to get mucked up. Much like NUL, It's really hard to keep a story going based off of other material, when said story is still being written. It also doesn't help that as of recently, The Straw hats have gotten so good at what they do. Luffy getting a set of subordinate crews getting up to 5600 strong, even Vyse hadn't gotten an army of that size, and He's the King of Blue Rouges!

4. Now, if anybody out there still cares about anything I'm creating, I started a Let's Play channel last year with a new friend I've made titled Ninny Gamers. We've got a lot of N64 games so far, but we have it planned out to do Play Station, PS2, Gamecube, etc as we play forward. I would reccomend our Mario party 1 playthrough, where we had 4 people and played every map. Tons of fun to be had.…

So, in conclusion, Sorry for stopping my other projects, please enjoy my latest one.
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Hey been a long time since I heard from you my friend. How you doing?