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Hello people of dA,

I got into a harsh point in my life where my fridge is empty and wallet serves only as an ID keeper. So I've got nothing left and while looking for some long-term job I'm opening commisions, with no limit for now. Remember that with every commision you not only buy a cheap, quality art but also support a living of a single pixel artist, who is very thankful. :)

Below I'm listing prices and samples from my gallery:

32x32 pixels - 5$

Commision: JustinGameDesign by ThKaspar
Ghost by ThKaspar  NES-like Style Sample by ThKaspar  Shields by ThKaspar Portrait practice by ThKaspar Titleless Project #6 by ThKaspar Titleless Project #4 by ThKaspar

64x64 pixels - 10$

Earthworm Jim by ThKaspar Momo by ThKaspar Cole MacGrath by ThKaspar Temple by ThKaspar

Mature Content

Dailies by ThKaspar
Convoluted - Human Anatomy Study by ThKaspar

128x128 pixels - 20$

Church Bunker by ThKaspar The Angel of Dust by ThKaspar

These are prices for static images only, they can be sprites, portraits, icons - whatever you want. One rule - no animations.
The only valid payment method for the moment is PayPal.

If you're not interested in commisioning art It's okay, sharing will always be very helpful. :)
Have a nice day,
In Spring this year I started working on a new game with design and graphics done completely by me and code wrote by Adrian "Ratalaika" Vega. New project can be simply described as:

    "Mobile, online, multiplayer, deathmatch platformer where running and jumping is all you need to rock and smash your opponents."

Without boring anyone to death with my writing, below are links to all entries connected to the projects development. +Watch me to get all news instantly. Same updates you can also get by following me on Twitter.