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Needle Sculpting Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to needle sculpt!

Needle sculpting can turn a sphere into a wonderfully feline shaped head! Needle sculpting is nothing more than a glorified method of pinching spots and securing those pinches with thread.

I ALWAYS double my thread, and fold it over. I then use the two tails to go through the eye of the needle, leaving a loop where the knot usually is. That way there's nothing to snip or tuck in, it's all done for you! It does make it kind of troublesome though, since the thread slips out sometimes.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions at all! I'll be more than happy to take additional pictures and/or provide a video the best I can.

The revamped video is up! [link]
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I just want to say thank you so much for this tut!!
it was super easy to follow and aa, the results are stunning!!
I used this to make my first ever plush and it honestly ended up looking super sweet, and way better than my expectation, all thanks to this tutorial
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Knotty: *falls in love with Sweetie*
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What material is this?
ThisUsernameFails's avatar
Non pill fleece! Now a days I'm using luxe fleece though.
AsteriiStar's avatar
I think what they are using is fleece ^^
Mortemire's avatar
Oh okay, thank you!
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how would you do a body? Would you make it bean-baggy? or stiff plush
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Question: How do you 'seam pinch'? I don't understand that. 
ThisUsernameFails's avatar
it's just like using a seam/stitch to "pinch" the fabric together! If you take a thumb and forefinger to squish/pinch your plush, you have a stitch run inside say, the face, from one finger tip to the other! Your tie it in a knot to hold the fabric in place the same way you did with your fingers!
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This is really helpful thanks!
ShimmerVenom's avatar
Thank you for this! this is helpful
chibifiedWolf's avatar
I just found this account through your video on YouTube. Such helpful tips! Excellent work. I look forward to following you here on DA.
ThisUsernameFails's avatar
Thank you! Unfortunately I'm not very active on here, but you can follow my art blog at !
chibifiedWolf's avatar
Thank you for the heads up. I think I will follow you on tumblr.
Trickntreat's avatar
This was incredibly helpful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
ThisUsernameFails's avatar
My pleasure, I'm so glad it helped!
PonyUniverse's avatar
This looks helpful! :3 I'll add it to my plushie tutorial folder on my computer XD.
Iluarts's avatar
This was helpful with making my James Bond-plushie's face and muscles! thank you! Check my gallery and you'll find him and I'm making the new Bond too :)
ThisUsernameFails's avatar
It turned out so well, wonderful work! I'm so happy I could have helped!
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RomKom's avatar
Yay now my ponies are going to have mouths!
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