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That's how long it can take.
One tiny fraction of a second.
And I can end up in a stretcher.
In a hospital.
With people who remember a me that I wasn't there for.
...Can you imagine what else could happen in that amount of time?
No one ever said that life was fair and really meant it.
I could just have it all taken away.
That's how long it can take.
I'm not happy with the life I'm living right now.
And time may not be on my side.
That's how long it can take.
I can't get over it.
I just keep closing and opening my eyes.
...It's maddening...
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You know how some people just have that...spark about them?
Those passionate creators that do what they love to the fullest?
I thought I had one.
Yet, everywhere I go, the things I love aren't the things I can do.
Bullied for being the choir teachers pet.
Dropped out of every piano class I ever took.
Got my art scribbled over by my angry brother, in pen.
Ghosted everyone I've ever role played with.
...And, well...
Looking at this list makes my problems seem really small.
Or, maybe that's just the self hatred talking again...
...I'm no artist, how would I know?
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Mature content
Hovering :iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 1 1
I'm unhealthy.
I want to control people.
I want to be listened to.
I want to escape reality and never go back.
I want this pain in my chest to go away.
I want to stop thinking about the consequences and eat whatever I want.
I want to be close to someone just so I can push them away.
...Is wanting physical contact unhealthy?
Because I want something that has MEANING behind it.
My heart is an open vacuum.
It just wants and wants and wants and it never tries to give.
I try thinking about it in my head, and I always come to the conclusion that humans are selfish beings.
That all living things are selfish beings.
Pointless chemical reactions ending in death.
My heart doesn't know what love really is.
It just goes through the social rules as I manage to hold it back.
...I don't want to take to much, after all...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 10 9
Rating system
She said that she was important.
He said that he was important.
They argued.
And now they both feel unimportant.
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 7 1
I can't be the strong one all the time.
I can try my best to hide the sad fact behind a guise of cheery self help.
But I can't do that forever.
Do you know how hard it is for me to truly be happy?
My brain is wired that way.
I don't just have sad days.
I have sad weeks. Even months.
Every once in a blue moon, I get to feel like a god.
And then, like Icarus flying to close to the sun, I fall back into an all consuming despair.
It tires out people when I let my feelings out.
Those feelings last longer than your average set of emotions, I'm told.
So I just keep it all bottled up.
I hate seeing other people in distress.
And I hate being labeled as an emotional faker, begging for attention.
But do you know what I hate the most?
I hate emotional fakers that have no idea what mental disability's really feel like.
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 6 4
A story I give no context for.
This was it.
The source of all evil was right in front of her, just waiting for her to shock them into the next life.
But for some reason... they couldn't bring themselves to let the element loose from their aura.
Static just stood there, listening to this monster talk like they were old friends discussing pleasantry's in a coffee shop or something.
She was expecting the emotional manipulation that came with the grey tendrils of corruption surrounding her like snakes.
But somehow, it seemed like Creation had no interest in a battle of any sort.
Which confused her greatly.
They looked into her eyes with an almost...tired expression, when they told her that they wanted to show her something.
And suddenly, she felt like she was free to decide for herself.
However, as we all know, fictional characters don't really have a will of their own.
I just gave this one a decision to make for an imaginary game that will never leave my head in any real way.
I was a teen when I created this world in m
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 2 3
I'm at its mercy.
Every heartbreak, every event.
It's all the same.
No matter what I do.
I'm at its mercy.
Even though I can see the consequences right in front of me.
I can feel its pull, even now.
It's maddening.
Seeing a future that I can't change.
I'm at its mercy.
...And it sucks...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 4 4
Listen to me.
That's all I ask of you.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know who I am either.
All these definitions shoddily glued onto my person keep falling off.
And the sticky residue they leave behind is making me sick.
But you know something?
I am never the one putting those labels on my irritated skin.
I never tried.
No matter how many showers I take, the smell lingers.
It reminds me of how much of an outcast I really am.
The paper forms in front of me, but I refuse to commit to all those words I tell myself when I'm sad.
This isn't to say I've never been tempted.
In a world full of labels defining human beings, I refuse to conform.
But then again, my mind whispers...what does that make me, exactly?
It's confusing.
The world is confusing.
And this metaphor only works for so long.
...But I do know one thing...
There sure is a lot of glue that people tried to slather across my mouth.
Including the space between the lips.
And let me be the first to tell you that glue tastes about a
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Selfish human being
It's just another day.
I get up, go to the bathroom, and head into the kitchen.
My dad reminds me to take my pills, so I take them.
And then...then I head off to my laptop and peruse my social media things.
The approval of other people on the internet is my addiction.
A good friend of mine hasen't talked to me in a month.
I send a message to them, and wait until tomorrow.
Someone I've roleplayed with for a while, also hasen't responded to me in a while.
I send them a message and wait for a day.
Then... I go to a particular friends page.
The talk I have with them is so...draining...
They say that they're 'leaving' in a few days.
But I know what they really mean.
And I'm kicking myself for not being able to convince them that they matter to me.
I reach a point where it's to much, and I stop talking to them.
So instead, I waste my life on videos that don't matter.
Next day comes in.
Both of the people that haven't responded to me in a while still haven't contacted me.
Though one of them h
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 3 8
A giant hill with a paved trail running down it.
A busy street with factories on one side like a wall.
A place called taco city.
A Hollywood video next to a subway and a grocery store.
A gymnasium with balance beams and trampolines.
A train track.
An unfinished ice skating rink.
A hardees above a car dealership.
A church next to a big airport.
A local shop that sells local cheese and other local stuff.
A restaurant with a plane in front of it, next to a Denny's.
A strip of food places serving food from around the world.
An elementary school with dandelions as the main type of flower.
A big city where the tallest building is owned by a bank.
A science building where kids keep forcing them to change the exhibits every day.
A research project where they listen to you talk while you play with play dough.
A scent of bacon that you wake up to every morning because of the factory nearby.
A parking lot behind the house that only the big trucks use.
A pile of snow in said parking lot.
...I stil
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 4 15
Had a moment of self reflection today.
Had a few friends talk to me.
Had a food item we were looking for in stock.
Had a lovely conversation with my mother.
But even after all these good things happened...
I still wasn't happy.
Or happy enough I guess you could say.
I know that they're still working on meds and stuff.
Used to take antidepressants apparently.
But bi-polar depression is different from "normal" depression.
So I can't take them anymore.
I mean, I'm trying to see light at the end of the tunnel.
And I'm better than I was before...
But I'm still not 98% ok.
More like 50%.
And I know you people want me to stop using my poetry as a personal blog.
Without the personal stuff however, the poetry wouldn't exist.
I have to be in the mood to poke fun at humanity, ya know what I mean?
So, whatever...
It is what it is...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 3 10
It's a new thing.
It's supposed to be a fun thing.
It makes me nervous.
It made me talk to my parents about it.
It sounds like they support me.
It feels like they want nothing to do with it.
It feels like they haven't been through what I'm going through.
It seems like I'm overreacting.
It feels like uncontrollable feelings I don't understand.
It makes me feel like an idiot.
It's just... what it is...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 3 3
A conversation I will never have
Hello teacher.
I know you walked out on me for a reason.
...And I know it wasn't just to get a drink...
You were born into a situation where you didn't have a choice.
And yeah, sure... I have sympathy for you...
...But honestly, if you think I'm going to put up with mean people for the rest of my life, you have another thing coming.
Even in Arizona, a place where I couldn't really make a difference in how people treated me, I was still able to choose my reactions.
Maybe there was a better way to deal with it, but looking back, I can't see the possibility.
I'm probably just as childish as Mae from Night In The Woods...
Hey, I get that some situations are hard, that's just a fact of life.
There's a point, however, that we have to remember that we are not robots that work only to receive a paycheck at the end of the day.
Am I wrong?
Is this what "adulting" is meant to be...?
Because if it is, I don't want to grow up.
Call me a coward, but that's the truth.
...So fricking sorry for having
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 3 0
Who am I really?
I like using 'mens' deodorant, body wash, you name it.
I like the smell.
I wear my hair in a pixie cut.
I like how convenient it is.
I open the door for other people.
I guess I'm just a nice person.
I would LOVE to wear a tux one day.
'Mens' clothing is so sharp. I love it.
I have no desire to go into a 'mens' restroom.
There's no reason urinals should exist when family restrooms are a thing.
I call people around me 'dude' as a general way of addressing people.
If they get offended, I apologize and move on with my day.
So, what can you interpret from these facts about me?
Because honestly... I have no idea what they mean...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 2 2
This cool person seems like a hero to all
I send them a message, and wait.
A whole month passes and nothing happens.
The whole time I'm thinking I made a mistake.
I start listening to music that makes me feel important.
I like to think I'm a nice person.
But I know that's not always true.
...Does that automatically make me evil?
If that's true, I hope that I can drag the rest of humanity with me.
...Because I don't want to be alone...
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 3 3


Hey dudes.~

I'm feeling better lately, cause I had a breakthrough.

Gonna try doing stuff not just because other people like it.

Trying on the whole 'self love' thing.

It's hard, but I managed to brush my teeth, put my clothes in the drawers, and take a shower today.

Doesn't sound like much, but it really means the world to me.~

Anyway, enough about me...

Y'all wanna hear some sick tunes? Here ya go.~……

Never posted from soundcloud, so this should be interesting...


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