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Lady Liberty

base by Keyune

Bullet; BlueBullet; Purple  might change/undecided
human name: FRANCE(yes the French give kids those kinds of names(yes I used a female name that didn't work on Lady liberty because there weren't any women who worked on L.L. and I'm not good at doing males so yeah)) Eiffel(one of the guys who worked on L.L.)

Appearance of age: 21

Actual age: 130 years

Birthday: October 28, 1886

Height: 5'6"

Gender: female

Sexuality: pansexual, panromantic

Relationship: single

Sister(s): Bullet; BlueBullet; Purple Governors Island(5'5")

Brother(s): Bullet; BlueBullet; Purple Rainbow Bridge(6'8")

Father: France(because she was made in France then gifted to America)

Mother: America(because she's now in America, and is disputed about between NJ and NY, they want custody over her because of where the island is located)

Child version:

Likes: her dad, art, and food

Dislikes: dirt, ugly things, technology, and loud sounds

personality: a bit shy around new people,and very careful around the building material(Both in France and America)

Adult version:

Likes: her parents, all forms of art, bad food(she's a bit more vegan/vegetarian now so she doesn't like most good food), people, justice(pro-equality), women and men being the same in the eyes of the law when it comes to extreme crimes, both NJ and NY(so it's still really hard for her to decide who she wants to be considered part as(nation wise)), keeping the victim/accused person's identity a secret,& human rights

Dislikes: current day feminist, racism(yes this includes people who use #blacklivesmatter and say white people should die/become slaves), Islam, religion in laws, anti-abortion people(she's pro-choice and sees not letting abortion happen as a violation of human rights), ALL men being treated as rapist when they NEVER did ANYTHING wrong, Mattress girl and Jacky from the duke lacrosse incident, art theft,& lies, being told she can't be an good at delivering justice

personality: very open to new people, will try to help any foreigner who comes to the island she lives on, will bring the hammer of truth down on anyone who disobeys the laws of America +NY +NJ, very positive, likes talking to her friends and family, loves cooking, absolutely loves helping people, and likes telling people how Lady Liberty came to be and everything that the statue of liberty is

        -an iphone 5(for NJ) and an iphone 6(for NY)
        -a wallet(who doesn't?)
        -keys to both NJ's and NY's house(because the island that she's on is controlled by both NY and NJ)

Voice: Marzia

-- 0 of 5 AU's
AU1 with __
AU2 with __
AU3 with __
AU4 with __
AU5 With __
--1 AU per OC
no Vore
no weird fetishes (EX: like diaper, and inflation)
no Angsty/edgy/sad/violent RP's(what I mean by "violent RP's" is someone getting their legs ripped off while they're still alive)
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If there are people who say whites should be slaves, then they need a high five in the face