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Batman Cover Color V1

here are the colors, version 1 anyway. i'm gonna do another version in blue. the instructor liked it, so it'll do. i'll post the other version when completed.
the main focus of this is the bat symbol bleeding the city of gotham. that's why batman is distorted/faded out.

also the red is more saturated in the final art. i dunno why everything color gets fucked on DA, it always loses it's saturation.
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Awesome work keep it up
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Dark and awesome
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very nice batman
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Wow, very cool!
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Badass and fantastic! I spent a lot of time looking at all your awesome ink work... :)

I notice that I lose a lot of color saturation when turning my images into JPGs. Something about JPG compression seems to kill the color.

Dunno if doing something like uploading as a PNG would help or if it would get converted anyway.
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thanks :)
yeah, i'll try and mess with different files.
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Simply awesome and brutal. wow. Well done
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Impressive work anyway
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wow, this is beautiful.
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just awesome!!!I love this illustration. I love Batman!
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This is pretty bad ass big thumbs up.
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