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My Bio
Scottish comic artist living in LA. Regular interior artist on The Massive for Dark Horse and Catwoman for DC.

Favourite Visual Artist
Mignola, Maleev, Alex Ross, Goran Pavlov , Tim Sale, Dave McKean, JP Leon, Zaffino, Frazetta
Favourite Movies
2001 Space Odyssey plus loads more
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Audioslave, White Stripes
Favourite Games
Flashback, BC2, Halo, Golden Axe
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Cintiq, Ink, Paper
Other Interests
Movies, Comics, Music, Science

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I've had a surprising amount of emails/notes about how to break in. I have no specific answer other than keep drawing and posting and creating. But here are some other random thoughts. First, you don't actually 'break' in. You creep in. It's like you knocked on a door and they opened it, just a little, and you can see all the cool stuff inside but you're not getting in yet. The hardest part isn't you first job. It's your second and third and fourth. The hardest thing in comics is getting MORE work, not your first thing. In the grand scheme of things your first job (creeping in) is piss easy. Cultivating a career is difficult. A lot of it ha
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Hey guys, my NYCC 2014 pre con commission list is now open. Limited spots etc. If you want one, contact Felix here See you guys there!
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Hello, I´m Xurxo Avila, a spanish actor, director, writer and producer. I have a horror script that I have not been able to shoot and I was thinking of turning it into a graphic novel for IMAGE COMICS with the collaboration of one of my best friends, the USA`s editor and colorist JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA. I have seen your drawings and would you like to draw the story? I really like your style very much, I think it would go very well to the story and I think we could create a unique and fascinating horror story. I hope I didn't bother you with the proposal. The idea is to draw 12 scenes from the script (he told me that it is the usual number when you send it to any American comic book publisher), send them along with the same script and a lot of things that I have more (you can see some of them on my page, in the folder entitled: "CINEMA" : art concepts, posters,...) to the publisher and see if they like it and get us to work. If you want I pass the script to you, you read it, and you tell me. Greetings.

Great style
As a hopeful career artist, I love artists that teach me professional methods with their impressive portfolios.
Nice work
I dig your work like no work has ever been dug before. :)
Hi Garry how are you?

My name is Guilherme and I'm developing my comic colorist portfolio, I saw your pages and they are awesome and the style I want to work and develope my colors.
I would ask if you can send some high resolution pages for me so I can use in my portfolio?  (without getting trouble for you and your editor of course!)

Thanks so much for you time!
Love your black and white pages, It's like the walking dead comic.
Hey. Just discovered your work. That's some seriously impressive inks you've got there.

Super inspiring stuff.
I am literally in love with your work. Jesus, keep it up, man. I can't get enough.